Mobile Mini Plant Vs Mixing Truck - Diesel Concrete Mixer Prices

By AIMIX | AIMIX Group | 11 May 2021


When you think of a concrete mixer using a diesel engine, are you picturing a huge truck? Those forms of vehicles, especially self-loading mixers, are the best. Yet there are many advantages to the other types of machinery that are out there. Do you know that a number of the smaller, portable plants on wheels come built with diesel engines?

You would be amazed at the sizes of a few of these machines, too. They can be quite small, very portable and easily set up at construction sites. They have the ability to consistently prove high-quality concrete, too. Granted, there are benefits of owning mixing trucks, too. But do you really need to make such a large investment for your business?

With the purchase of a mini mobile plant, you could wind up being capable of making your investment back much faster. If you want to go this route, glance at the different products available, taking into account all specs, like height, weight, width, capacity, noise, vibration, etc. Capacity and output have much concerning whether or not a selected machine suits you.

What exactly is the concrete mixer price distinction between a mini mobile mixer with a diesel engine plus a mixing truck? This is where it may get yourself a little tricky. The thing is, it is possible to pay well under $15-$20k for some mixing trucks, and then there are others that cost over $250k. The self-loading mixer was mentioned, and is particularly each of your options.

self loading concrete truck mixer

That you can well imagine, what you pay can also depend on whether you purchase a new or used truck. Yet if you go with a mini mobile mixer, then you can definitely be guaranteed to identify a new machine with a great price. Can you really get a mixing truck for the amount of money you would need to pay money for a mini mobile batching plant? Yes, but usually, there exists a big divide between what you should pay money for these 2 kinds of mixers with diesel engines. View more content here.

Even the best used mixing trucks cost $50k+. Did you know that its easy to buy a mini mobile diesel mixing plant for under $1k? Everything you get for less than $1k is going to be a tiny machine to be certain, but could it produce the concrete you require to your projects? The price climb following that, including some that cost $30 to $40k. But there are numerous mixing plants to choose from, all diesel powered and able to go.

For many of the mini mobile concrete batching plants, you're considering a cost between $2k and $7k. As you can tell, there are exceptions. Although with the self loading concrete mixer truck, you're looking at a minimum of $15k and so on around thousands and thousands of dollars. You desire high-quality concrete for your business and its projects, but is actually a mixing truck really the thing you need? Maybe you're happier choosing small plant instead.

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