How Crypto became my little obsession

How Crypto became my little obsession

How Crypto became my little obsession


Note to reader: This is the first article I've published on Publish0x, if not the first article I've ever written and published so pleased let me know if this content is what also can be appreciated on here. Feel free to send me some feedback, content- and writing-wise. I'm also always open for discussion. Thanks for reading in advance!

Growing up, I've always understood the importance of money. Life has not always been easy, as I'm sure many people have realized at least once in their lives. So what I did from early on was saving as much money as I could. All the Christmas money, all the birthday money, etc. went into my little piggy bank. Sometimes I'd ask my mom to put it on my savings account. Of course, when you're a 12-year old kid (in my case around 2010), all I did was play video games and play football in my free time so from time to time I'd buy myself a new video game.

When I hit the age of 16, which is the legal age a student is allowed to work here in Belgium, I was lucky enough to get a job for a month at the Public Works Department of my city. This job is widely seen as 'not the most interesting, not the most exhausting, but definitely well-earning'. Again, all of this money (apart from my first smartphone I've bought) went to my savings account.

A little over a year and some more jobs passed and I started my college studies. As I had to pay for a big part of my tuition fee myself (which luckily enough is only around 1,000 Euros excluding the books needed and the academic trips we would go on, totaling around 1,500 Euros a year), I started wondering how I could make money with the money I've already had. I met some people only and made some new friends who had this same mentality and we discussed many 'opportunities' together. I was a bit holding back so I never really engaged in the plans these people came up with. Now, this is where Crypto came into my life. More specifically, Bitcoin. During one of the many video calls we did, this one guy went on and on about Bitcoin and not many people actually listened to him. Afterwards, I messaged him and he told me, pretty in-depth, about Bitcoin, what it pursued, how it worked and how to store it. The same day, I created a wallet on and only a few days later, I actually had bought some Bitcoin. Not on an exchange, but on a pretty random site my mate used as well. The site was actually trustworthy and after a few minutes after payment I had around 60$ worth of Bitcoin in my wallet. Of course, in hindsight I should've bought more but back in 2017, I was a bit skeptical about Bitcoin as this was something completely new to me.
Little sidenote: I don't recall the exact price of Bitcoin back then but I do know that it was around May 2017 and the Bitcoin price was around 2,500$ so the 60$ got me around 0.023 Bitcoin (after service tax of the website).

This friend of mine was, just like me, in college and was very much into Crypto. He was so into Crypto that he had developed a very simple website on which you could fill in the amount of Bitcoin you owned and the price you bought it for. He had linked the price from a live Bitcoin chart and what you'd see was the profit you had made in Dollars and percentages. I quickly became a bit obsessed with this and I would watch this in at home, on the bus, in class, et cetera. 

Then around October 2017 I was very surprised to see that my Investment had doubled. My 60$ had now become over 100$ which had me incredibly enthusiastic. When I showed this to my parents, they were still quite skeptical. 'How are you going to convert that to money on your bank account?', they'd say. Soon, they would be flabbergasted when in November, the price would keep rising every day up until it's massive ATH of almost 20,000$ in December 2017. A little before BTC hit its ATH is when I cashed out my 0.023 Bitcoin for about 420$. When selling, I of course had to access my wallet and it was then that I had realized that I also had some Bitcoin Cash. At first I was confused but after some quick research and I soon learned that this was because of the hard fork that had found place. Now I also had 0.023 BCH, which I then also sold when the BCH price was around 3,000$ (which made me 70$). My initial investment of a mere 60$ had made me almost 500$! Obviously this had impressed me quite a lot and my love for Crypto had started.

I admit, the reason I started loving Crypto was just because it had made me money. Looking back to it, this is an obvious but a wrong reason. I didn't really know what cryptocurrencies really stood for, what the projects were actually about. As my admiration for economics and data also kept growing, which showed when I started a Master's Degree in Business Administration this year at the Brussels University (VUB), I started doing more research and diving deeper into the cryptocurrency 'niche'. This resulting in me, learning a lot more about some projects (mostly XRP, XLM, ETH and ADA) and honestly learning to appreciate the causes these projects stand for.

I didn't really buy or own any of the coins or tokens until I found Brave Browser. I've been using Brave Browser for over a year now and the BAT I earned every month wasn't much, but I was able to collect about 100 BAT to this day which initially started my new 'investment fund'. Every month, I would receive my BAT on my Uphold account, but I'd instantly transfer it to my Coinbase account (Yes, Coinbase is my main wallet platform). In total this would be around 25$ and together with the 'Learn and Earn' initiative Coinbase had launched, my balance soon showed around 60$ again. Combine that with the 40$ I made through selling the FIFA coins I've grinded throughout FIFA 20 for Bitcoin (Yes, there's sites that actually support this) and I've got myself an in my opinion decent starting 'investment fund'. Though, this time with some opportunism, with some creativity and without investing any of my own money. Since the available Coinbase wallets are very limited, I kept to the bigger cryptocurrencies to invest in (being BTC, ETH, LTC and XLM). Only since the start of the Covid-19 lockdown, I've been starting to follow more projects such as VeChain Thor (VET) and Zilliqa (ZIL). It wasn't until the end of June, after the summer exams, when I actually started buying amounts of BTC and ETH, whilst also converting some of these amounts to XLM, XRP, VET, ZIL, NANO and ADA, meaning that my portfolio now holds 8 different (portfolio diversification, my professor in macro-economics would be proud) in 4 different wallet platforms - being Coinbase, Atomic Wallet, Exodus Wallet and, this being my little obsession now as I can't stop looking at the total balance number going up and down on

Before finishing off this first blog post, I want to talk about for a moment. I discovered about 3 months ago and I didn't really use this app as the UI didn't really satisfy me. Flashforward to the start of July and I started using this app a little more with it now being the home to 2 of the cryptocurrencies I own. Once you get the hang of it, you'll really like it. It's most prominent feature, the MCO VISA Card, is actually quite interesting. This VISA Card is a top-up card which can be topped up using the Crypto you have in your account or just money from your bank account you have put on your account. In my opinion (as a student of course), this is better than a credit card as you finally get a VISA Card with no monthly, annual or delivery costs (Yes, they're shipped for free!) and only you decide how much money you can put on it. The only downside is that you have to make sure that there's enough money on it when trying to make a purchase, but that's only little effort, right?
This MCO VISA Card is something I've been looking at on YouTube and after some video/written reviews, I decided to order my first MCO VISA Card, being the Midnight Blue version which is completely free to order. As you can see down below, these Visa Cards seem to offer you cashback rewards starting from the base Midnight Blue level, with increasing rewards coupled with higher tier cards. These higher tier cards are unlocked through buying/earning MCO tokens (the more MCO you stake, the better the rewards you'll receive) and staking them for 6 months, something which I'm actually planning on doing in the future. If anyone of you I'm yet to receive my Midnight Blue MCO VISA Card but if it would interest you, I could write my own personal review after some period of use. Let me know what you think! Also, if and its MCO VISA Card seem interesting, consider using my referral code which you can find down below!

MCO Visa Card Tiers. ©


To finish off, here are some of the small side'projects' I've been engaged in along the way:

- Since I'm a gamer, I've grinded apps and games called faucets which would give me small amounts of cryptocurrencies. Were they worth it in the end? Well, yes and no. Yes because they've been small activities which kept me busy during the short bus and train trips I had to take to get to college. No because the rewards were frankly quite minimal - I'm talking about 0.0000088 LTC, which isn't even enough to be converted to a penny but of course, this depends from app to app.

- I've installed Stepdrop and other step-tracking apps which would simply track your steps and reward you for it in one or another cryptocurrency. I'm still using Stepdrop atm which I honestly quite enjoy. The UI is simple and the maximum of 20,000 steps per day is a limit I'd call quite high as I've never reached 20,000 steps in the 10 months or so I've been using this app. Though, if your job involved a lot of walking (or in my case, if the walk from the train station to the college campus involved enough walking to make sure you reach the daily minimum of 5,000 steps to actually earn something), it's fun to use. If interested in trying, please consider using my referral link down below!

Thanks for reading!

~ AegliZion

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AegliZion: My journey in Crypto
AegliZion: My journey in Crypto

In this blog, I'll try to explain how my journey in Crypto started and how it's been progressing through the years.

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