Why AdEx Network's $ADX was one of the best performing tokens in October

Why AdEx Network's $ADX was one of the best performing tokens in October

By dmngdsm | AdEx Network | 30 Oct 2020


Source: Kyros Ventures

The past couple of months have been intense for AdEx Network, and for the DeFi world. We focused on the AdEx staking services and came up with a ton of new features. Of course, we kept working on the advertising platform as well. See what’s new and improved.

Platform development and growth

  • We expanded the deposit options available to advertisers. They can now top up their accounts not only with DAI or credit cards but also with bank transfer and debit card deposits in various currencies. We have also enabled BTC, ETH and XRP top ups.
  • We expanded the platform targeting options so advertisers can now target by device - there’s an option to select if your ads appear on desktop, mobile or both.
  • A number of small UX improvements have been added to make the use of our platform easier and more error-proof: tool tips, warning messages, etc.
  • Platform growth: We surpassed 4600 registered advertisers and publishers. We are processing roughly 35 million impressions (i.e. 35 million micropayments settled on Ethereum) per month.
  • Last but not least, we updated our product roadmap so that it’s clear where we’re headed.

If you are an advertiser looking to branch into cost-efficient, ethical, privacy preserving advertising for your products or services, sign up now:


AdEx Staking

A lot has been going on with the AdEx staking ecosystem during the past few months. Check out the highlights below:

  • We successfully concluded the ADX token upgrade so that it now supports flash loans, among other DeFi functionalities.
  • The AdEx staking portal got a major facelift and got new functionalities. It now works not only with MetaMask but also with WalletConnect; that greatly facilitates staking on mobile.
  • We introduced a new staking pool - the Loyalty Pool. With it, we pioneered a brand new DeFi concept we called elastic issuance, which is possible due to our collaboration with Chainlink. The Loyalty pool allows stakers not only to earn rewards but also to participate in AdEx governance.
  • Another new addition to the staking portal was the gasless staking option. It’s perfect for people who’d like to move their tokens from an exchange straight to the staking portal as it saves a ton of Ethereum network fees.
  • Our token was whitelisted on the Balancer protocol for programmable liquiduty. This opens opportunities for various DeFi experiments. Anyone who provides liquidity for ADX on Balancer gets yUSD interest and BAL tokens for providing liquidity.
  • In an effort to make ADX markets stronger, we also launched a buy-back initiative.
  • The interest towards ADX staking prompted the Binance team to add ADX to their staking page.
  • Our token was listed on a number of new exchanges like WazirX and Folgory.
  • Last but not least, we launched a giveaway promo, in which 5 lucky winners would get 1,000 ADX each. All you need to do in order to participate is sign up for the AdEx newsletter by October 31, 2020.

If you have ADX tokens just lying around, not making you any money, put them to work:


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AdEx Network

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