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Decentralization & Platformless Membership: the ‘Smart Wallet’ Series Talks with Nasheq.eth (, Ivan Manchev (Ambire) and Rob Edwards (Ambire)

By AlpinaBG | Ambire AdEx | 20 Sep 2022

Episode 9 of Ambire’s Twitter Spaces revolves around Web3 communities and models of tokenizing them

🍂🍁🍂 Autumn is easing in, so Ambire’s getting ready to harvest what we’ve been working on this summer: market was bearish, but builders were busy 👷👷‍♀️ Some amazing releases are comin’ up soon, so stay close 🫣

📻 Meanwhile, we’ve got a new Twitter Spaces episode ripe & ready for this Wednesday, at 5 PM UTC — as usual, on Ambire’s Twitter.

The 9th edition of our series will take us through a decentralized journey of membership — read on for the full scoop ⬇️

🎲 Which Web3 communities will rule the interwebz?

Last week’s episode was all about product-market fit: how web2 and web3 marketing are similar and different at the same time. If you didn’t catch the insightful debate live, just listen to the recording here.

This week we’ll explore a side of Web3 that organically evolved into a new way of doing things: community growth & management through the tokenization model. Our host Meg DeMatteo will be joined by two Ambirers, Ivan Manchev (Communications Manager at Ambire) and Robert Edwards (Community Builder at Ambire). Together with ​​nashq.eth (, they will discuss how our future can grow fueled by automated guilds and the likes.

A few things about the episode’s guests and their backgrounds:

  • Ivan is a seasoned web3 marketer and a start-up grower; his crypto journey began in 2018 and has since taken him to full degen status; for the last 3 years he’s been working at Ambire as Communications Manager, while having invested in the blockchain space;
  • Rob is an explorer and builder of Web3 communities, with projects such as the BeanDAO and 0x_Hashbrown already under his belt; he’s passionate about NFTs and recently joined Ambire to help expand its’ community outreach;
  • ​​Nashq is a crypto veteran best known for his active role at — probably the best known community tokenization platforms in web3; his deeptech VC background helps him steer a vision of iterative hyper specialized online communities

With so much know-how and experience, we’re set to have an exciting talk, so make sure you set your reminder for Wednesday 😉

📡 Set a reminder

🎉 Join the fun, get the prizes

As ever, you’re invited to join us on Discord or Telegram, to share your ideas or questions on the episode’s topic. It’s a vast territory, so we’re counting on you to help us narrow it down: tell us what you want to hear and debate on, specifically 🎯

⭐️ POAPs will be waiting for your claim during the talk, so be sure to listen for the secret word, as there will be a short minting period and a limited number of badges.

Last but not least, you know our Twitter Spaces always come with rewards: the post-episode quiz brings you crypto prizes, so be ready to answer and top-up your 💰💰 while having fun 😃

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