Ambire Wallet Update: What We Have Been Up To Lately

Ambire Wallet Update: What We Have Been Up To Lately

By AlpinaBG | Ambire AdEx | 18 Apr 2022

Here’s a quick recap of the most recent Ambire developments

At Ambire, we like to keep busy — and there is really a lot going on. We figured we’d give you a quick update of the latest features we’ve added and everything else we’ve been working on.

New wallet features

We are constantly tweaking and improving the wallet to make sure our users get the best possible experience.

Recently, however, we added a cool new feature that now lets you see gas prices straight in the wallet

Ambire Wallet gas pump

Just click on the little gas pump icon, and you’ll be able to see average gas prices, as well as estimates for different types of transactions you can do in Ambire:

Ambire Wallet gas information

Exchange listings

We were recently listed on a few new exchanges:, BitYard and ZT exchange. With this, $WALLET is available on a total of 5 centralized and decentralized exchangess (including SushiSwap), as well as within the actual wallet (just use the swap option to get some $WALLET).


Our gas fee promotions is about to enter into its third week offering users up to 30% reductions in gas fees. The only requirement is to pay for gas in $WALLET or xWALLET (staked $WALLET). You can learn more about it here.

Partnerships and ecosystem participation

We have teamed up with the Cryptotesters community to celebrate their NFT drop. All Cryptotesters NFT holders who use Ambire Wallet will get a 1.25 multiplier on their continuous airdrop rewards.

Another little milestone for us was that DeFi Llama added an Ambire $WALLET staking dashboard:

Ambire Wallet and Defi Llama

Amsterdam calling

Next week the global crypto community will gather in Amsterdam for Devconnect — a week-long festival about all things blockchain. We are proud sponsors of the ETHAmsterdam hackathon, and part of our team will attend the event. If you are interested in meeting up with them — give us a shout on Twitter.

And just as we are preparing to leave for the Netherlands, we get this awesome article in Dutch reviewing our wallet. Coincidence? We think not!


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