AdEx Wallet Development Update 02

AdEx Wallet Development Update 02

By Vanina | AdEx Network | 14 Sep 2021

As you know, soon we are launching a new product by AdEx Network: AdEx Wallet. The wallet is a revolutionary tool that lets people easily get into cryptocurrency and DeFi without having previous experience.

As the wallet development is well underway, we are sharing our progress in a series of blogposts. This week we managed to fix critical bugs and work on some key features for the wallet launch. We’ve recorded some videos that you can watch in the post.

Fiat onramps

We have integrated 3 different FIAT onramp methods, so that everyone can easily top up their accounts even without previous experience with crypto.

Thanks to Ramp, PayTrie and Transak, you can buy crypto with a debit card, credit card or bank transfer and have it in your wallet. If you have existing crypto that you want to exchange before topping up your account, you can use Changelly.


Uniswap v3 support

Uniswap v3 has proven its capital efficiency and it is probably the best way to swap between different coins with lower slippage. Best of all — with AdEx Wallet you don’t need to go to Uniswap anymore, as you can perform your swaps on your wallet dashboard. See how easy it is:


One-click diversification tool

Are you tired of switching between different protocols, approving smart contracts all the time and navigating through a scattered user experience? When you start using AdEx Wallet, you use a proxy contract giving permission to all supported protocols. When you want to allocate your funds you can do it on one place. The optimal trading strategy is automatically chosen.

Even better — all your allocations are combined in a single transaction, thus saving on gas fees and creating a seamless investing experience. Check it out:


Bug fixes

To make the wallet as simple to use as it sounds, we are writing complex code and face bugs along the way. However, as the wallet will be holding your funds, we can’t allow ourselves to ship it with critical inefficiencies, so we invest a lot in fixing bugs before we release.

If you want to be among the very first users of AdEx Wallet (and trust us, you want to 😉), make sure to leave your email.


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