AdEx Review Bounty: Write about the AdEx Platform and earn 300 DAI*

By dmngdsm | Ambire AdEx | 16 Jun 2020

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Hot news for you all aspiring bloggers, writers and enthusiasts who love to review apps and projects on your blogs: we are starting a writing contest! A 300 DAI prize pool will be split between the three writers who come up with the most complete and insightful review of the AdEx Platform.

About AdEx

After a successful beta, we released the AdEx Platform in early 2020 and we already have more than 300 publishers and 60 advertisers, generating more than 70 million monthly impressions. We want to spread the word, so we welcome all bloggers who want to register for free and test the platform. You can:

  • Integrate AdEx ads into your blog (fast no-code integration) and write about your experience and revenue;
  • Run ads with a budget that depends solely on you;
  • Explore our web app and tell us what you think about it.


Write and publish a review on the AdEx Platform — it should be an overview of the AdEx platform, what features it has, what can it be used for, how easy is to run ads, etc

  • The review should be 600 words long minimum;
  • The review should be on the platform and not on AdEx Network, ADX Token or anything else.
  • The review should include screenshots of the AdEx Platform;
  • The review should be hosted on an own website blog, not a blogging platform like Medium, Steemit, etc.
  • To qualify, the blog where the review is published should have at least 10,000 monthly visits (you should be able to prove with Google Analytics screenshots) and Alexa score

Prizes distribution

The best article will be awarded a prize of 150 DAI. We are also giving away 100 DAI for first runner-up and 50 DAI for second runner-up.

Judging Criteria

Winner will be chosen solely by the subjective decision of the AdEx team. The criteria include:

  • Quality of text — the winner article should include unique content, a well written review that sparks interest in the AdEx platform;
  • Quality of the blog where the review is published;
  • Copying large chunks of content from the AdEx website /images are excluded/, public blogs or other sources will lead to immediate disqualification.

Duration of the contest: The contest starts on June 1 and submissions will be accepted until 23:59 EEST on June 30.

How to submit an entry: When you publish your blogpost, make sure to share post on at least one social media profile of yours: Facebook page, Twitter profile or Instagram profile, and don’t forget to tag us.

Submit the bounty entry form

Good luck!

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Ambire AdEx
Ambire AdEx

AdEx is trust-minimized solution for digital advertising that reduces ad fraud, improves ad budgets and protects user privacy. The AdEx platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain to connect publishers and advertisers without intermediaries on a decentralized ad exchange. We introduce real-time reporting for both parties and enable payments per impression with no withdrawal threshold for publishers.

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