The age of ADA crowdfunding has begun.

The age of ADA crowdfunding has begun.

By ChildOfTheMany | ADA Army | 11 Sep 2021

In one of my last posts, I wrote about some of the methods I use to invest small amounts of money early with the hopes for big returns, and acquire ADA for cheap. I also wrote about one of the platforms that I use to do so; Exmarkets. If you haven't read it already, check it out here 

Investing early on in well-researched coins is important to me. Investing early in projects can turn $100 into thousands if done correctly, or potentially 10's of thousands when it can be used in conjunction with trading. This is the ideal situation to me, as I am able to take my initial capital and turn it into a whole lot more- creating spare capital I can throw at other small cap projects, or used to accumulate assets I want to hodl in my portfolio.

Today I'd like to focus on one of these projects that I think may be a candidate to invest a small amount early, with the possibility of large gains;   This project is a relatively new, but it's one that has the potential to be very successful if done correctly, and can bring with it multiple different ways to earn profits. 



d63c7e6e2863321aed721dca5766afda20a0177b29e30df98d40e324d24cfeb4.png is a crypto crowdfunding platform, project accelerator, and IDO launchpad for the Cardano network.  

Click me to read ⇩   e1af794870e8cd0066422437fe44d228c99c7913192b5f5728b44ae3becc94c2.png  ⇧ the whitepaper 

With users can back new projects and invest early into Cardano native assets building on the Cardano network- potentially receiving large profits from small amounts of capital invested. With a 350,000,000 token total supply, it's what I would call a medium cap coin. will be launching their KICK token on the Exmarkets platform on September 15th.





Investing early in.....investing early? 🤨

As I stated above, a key strategy of mine is investing early into projects with little capital to secure much larger profits- and to stack ADA with that coins trading profits. From a profit making perspective's launch on Exmarkets, and the ability to trade it immediately afterwards, already make it appealing to me; however, there's a nuance to this coin that expands the probability that a holder is going to make money-'s primary purpose is to offer the opportunity to get in on Cardano native projects early. 


Token holders have the ability to participate and invest in sales just by holding the token. So, not only does the token have room to appreciate on its own and bring good returns, but has the chance at bringing more profits from the coins that will be launched on the platform or from staking.

Additionally, token holders have access to these Cardano projects from the earliest stages of development all the way to public and private sales, and those that endorse projects get rewarded for doing so- adding yet another source of profit making 😉



Cardano native assets

As we have seen with launchpads across multiple networks, they are popular, including Cardano's very own Cardstarter; however, up to this point none of the tokens bought on launchpads were assets that were issued on the Cardano blockchain. They were instead ERC20 token based placeholders that would be converted once smart contracts go live. on the other hand, will fully support Cardano assets issued on the Cardano chain and launch projects as Cardano native assets.

There was a bit of trepidation in the Cardano community when it came down to buying projects that were meant to run on the Cardano blockchain, but were in an ERC20 format. With support for native assets, and the ability to issue new projects tokens in the native format of Cardano, is one of a handful of places building on the network to obtain a true Cardano project. With that, support should flow in from the community.




Kick has a maximum supply of 350,000,000 Tokens. Not that large of a token supply in the world of crypto, but a large maximum supply is relative to the type of project you're looking to invest in. DAO Maker would be a comparable to what is trying to become on Cardano, and its token structure is similar. The max token supply is a bit large for my taste, but I believe its going to get a lot of traffic from users and hodl'ers of ADAX; whom it partnered with recently.

Partnerships with ADAX, and it being the official platform to trade coins launched through should drive users of both platforms to utilize the services of the other-further boosting each coins value.





For me, a large portion of my strategy in crypto is to invest early with small amounts of capital to try and reap large rewards. I like the idea of having an additional platform to start investing in new projects, especially one that has low gas fees,supports Cadano-native tokens, and rewards me for doing so. Seeing as how trading those early investments is also part of this strategy, the partnership with ADAX as the official trading platform has me excited. Being able to trade new projects after they launch on a self-proclaimed "state of the art' DeFi exchange reminiscent of the Orion protocol sounds fantastic to me to make profits, and by simply hodling KICK token I can generate several additional forms of income from staking or investing rewards.

As with all investments, I thoroughly research them, and I invest at my own risk. I caution all others that they must do their own research as well, so this is by no means a suggestion to ape into any coin without doing your own research and understanding the risks. Please be careful while trading. Use caution with how much money you put into small cap coins, and never put in what you cant afford to lose 😉. 




As always, Thank you to the 202 people that follow me, continue to support me, and read my articles 🙏

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