Earn 10 REVU, Cardano's first token free.

REVU, Cardano's first coin is in pre-sale.

By superuser do | ADA Army | 19 May 2021



REVU, Cardano's first coin, and it's parent company Revuto started the tokens Tier 1 (private) sale on May 18th, and closed out in 63 minutes 🤯. I expected Revuto and the REVU token to get a lot of attention, but I never imagined the sale would happen that fast.  I actually missed the Tier 1 sale today because I was not paying attention. I wrote about Revuto  more in-depth, and how you can earn REVU tokens for managing and paying for your paid subscriptions through Revuto here.





ts token Sale had a pretty good numbers behind it also, with 47,000 people signing up to invest, over 25,000 successfully passing KYC so far, and 1934 successfully investing.  2482 additional wallets tried to invest , but were rejected.  Most likely, they didn't listen about not using an exchange wallet insead of a Daedalus or Yoroi wallet address, or tried to buy over the allocated amount. I would imagine Revuto will give these people another shot at investing, in future rounds. In total, they raised $1.7 million on its private round.

This, to me is a pretty fair indicator of what is to come after the coin goes mainstream. As the token enters the next phase of it's roll out, with the IOS and Android apps being released soon, it should have plenty of attention paid to it by hungry ADA investors because of it's real-world use case and broad market.e




In addition to this, Revuto's follower count on twitter has exploded , adding 13,000 + followers over the last month. As a service that most non crypto people can use as well, Revuto should act as a bridge to people that have not yet started to explore crypto, and the passionate Cardano Community will waste no time in spreading information about it to every corer of the Twitter and Youtube universes once it becomes more mainstream. I believe when this project catches the eye of an influential investor in the Cardano ecosystem, the coin will become popular pretty fast. Revuto is scheduled to conduct live event on Youtube on May 19, 2021 addressing the Public sale.







If you think you missed the boat with Cardano, you have not. Coins like REVU, and companies like Revuto, World Mobile, and Charli3 are the perfect way to position yourself in the upcoming Cardano ecosystem mania. Instead of focusing on the negative in a bear market, which is hard, focus on collecting coins for free that will appreciate in value, and free is never a bad price.You can sign up to their early access wait list for the app and earn 10 Free REVU with just an email. Wealth is built during Bear cycles, and this one should be treated no differently than a sale on tokens you wanted to buy,  but got priced out of.  That being said, this is by no means advice to invest in this company or "ape" into the coin's pre-sale without doing your own research, but collecting a few free tokens along the way with the hope that they appreciate, is not a bad idea. Especially ones that have as much going for it as this one does. 😉



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