Revuto. Manage your paid subscriptions on Cardano's first Dapp and Earn REVU

Manage your Netflix, Spotify, Disney ++, and other paid subscriptions and earn REVU

By ChildOfTheMany | ADA Army | 9 May 2021


So if you are anything like me, you have a paid subscription or two. Netflix, Spotify, , Apple TV, Linkedin and many more offer these services for our convenience, but none the less it can get hectic and become a hindrance come time to manage, pay, or, even worse, cancel a subscription.  My love of blockchain, and my never-ending quest to incorporate it into my daily life have led me to a Comapany that I believe has a great product for its customers, and will be an excellent payday for it's token hodlers. Revuto, Cardano's first Dapp, and its REVU token have the potential to turn the world of paid subscriptions upside down.


Getting in early in crypto is key, and I believe Cardano issued assets will have their own mini bull cycle this summer, no different than we have witnessed with the Polygon/Matic ecosystem recently. Like it or not, Cardano is here to play, and there are gains to be made regardless of whatever camp you sit in. I'd like to share with you my thoughts on why I think this is an opportunity to get your foot into a brand new crypto ecosystem for free, and why it potentially benefits every one involved.


From the customers prospective 

   Revuto lets you manage and pay for your subscriptions to Netflix, Spotify, Apple TV, Linkedin and others using ADA or other Cardano native assets, and earn REVU tokens as a reward.
It lets you take control of your paid subscriptions with Virtual cards that have adjustable monthly limits on them. Virtual cards are not only extremely useful in keeping your privacy and data safe, but also in limiting how much a subscription can draw from your account. By setting the monthly limits on its own individual card a subscription can never draw more from the account then you tell it too. Payment restrictions for individual subscriptions can be set up right from their mobile app. Canceling pesky subscriptions just became a snap, too, as the cards can be canceled at any time. No more surprise charges or outrageous cancellation fees.                           
    Revuto provides its customers the ability to use ADA or other Cardano native assets to pay for your subscriptions. Imagine paying for your Netflix, PlayStation Now, or Hulu subscription with rewards from your staking pool's issued token ,from a token issued by one of the many games that will be built on Cardano, or even maybe Publish0x one day. Customers earn cashback in REVU for paying for subscriptions with ADA or Cardano native tokens, which in turn can be used to pay future bills or can be staked to earn yield. In theory, your subscriptions could eventually pay for themselves through yield farming your cashback rewards.


From the Hodlers and Investors perspective

    The REVU token, a Cardano native asset, is one of the first issued on the chain. REVU has multiple uses, including payments, yield farming, and governance of the protocol. Even if you are not using the Revuto to pay for your subscriptions, REVU tokens purchased, earned from cashback, rewards from the referral program, or 10 REVU recieved for free by singing up for the early access wait list with my referral, can be used for liquidity and earn passive income.

     The Cardano ecosystem is primed to explode with the arrival of smart contracts during the summer, with Alonzo, and the few assets on it at the moment like Charli3, SoMee Social, Polyswap, and Cardstarter should have plenty of attention thrown at them by hungry investors. Revuto should be treated no differently. In fact, because of it's very real-world use case and it's lack of mainstream awareness, it could be a great opportunity to get in early on a project with potential to bring more ROI.

Revuto is a woman owned business. Revuto's founder Josipa Majic and her team have backing from IOHK, Cardano's lead enginnering company. This partnership can only spell good things for Revuto moving forward.






From the block chain nomad point of view

It's just another coin that's going to probably appreciate over the next few months, sold for profit, or other traded for other coins on the Cardano or Ethereum ecosystem.This company is very reminiscent of when I found Brave a few years back with it's unique real world use case, potential for a massive customer base, and a working product that can be integrated into peoples daily lives fluidly through their mobile app. It reminds me of when I first found Brave and decided to invest in BAT at  $0.10 for the same reasons.





Whether you are signing up to use the service to manage subscriptions and earn cashback, joining for the referral program for rewards, or because you earn 10 free REVU for signing up to the early access wait list, it seems like everyone benefits. You receive an asset that will likely appreciate in value or used to pay for services, and the company gains a customer base or peer to peer advertising. That being said, this is by no means advice to invest in this company or "ape" into the coin's pre-sale without doing your own research, but collecting a few free token along the way with the hope that they appreciate is not a bad idea.  Especially ones that have as much going for it as this one does. 😉


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