Cardano Virtual Summit- Limited edition NFTs to collect

Cardano Virtual Summit- Limited edition NFTs to collect

By ChildOfTheMany | ADA Army | 26 Sep 2021

This post is going to be a little different than usual. Instead of going into details about a project, today I'd like to point out an opportunity for any fans of Cardano, or of NFT's. Today is the last day to attend the Cardano virtual summit, and with it, the last chance to collect a limited number of 7000 Cardano NFT's to be minted on Terra Virtua after the summit ends.

Interested parties can sign up for the summit here with an email, and you will be sent a secure link to log into the virtual summit by Cardano. Now, a little about the world and how you can acquire the NFTs.



Users control a friendly sprite to navigate the virtual summit and watch speakers or explore the landscape to collect the NFTs. This is also where you can collect your first NFT by entering into a voice chat with others.



Users can collect NFTs in one of several ways. The second is by watching the presentation on the main screen as you enter the valley on full screen for a few minutes, and then commenting in the chat ( commenting is super important). 



After that, users can choose one of  5 different beams of light dotted around the landscape (betwixt the multiple critters that are flying about) to travel to different platforms within the world. Each platform has its own theme and guest speakers, and the process from above should be repeated to collect 3 more NFTs. Watch the video on full screen for 5 minutes, and make sure to comment in the chat. In all honesty, the environment is quite beautiful, and even comes with seasonal and day/night cycles where things look completely different, which is entertaining when you have to watch multiple different talks for a few minutes and your in a completely different environment than the last one. Users should repeat this until they have gained 3 NFTs from watching videos on separate islands.



The last 2 NFTs are a little bit trickier to get. For one of them you need to touch every body of water in the main area. This is pretty self-explanatory; just wade into every pool in the main area that you see until you get it. Not too time consuming.

The last NFT, is the trickiest to figure out, but with some help from the community I accomplished the task. Users need to enter a chat with another person by the giant tree located across the valley from the main screen -or in my picture, Charles' lobster




I hope you'll understand this was not my best organized post, but due to the time sensitive nature of the offer I wanted to get word of the opportunity out to people as quickly as possible.  I never really got into NFTS, but after participating in this I believe that is going to change. This was a really neat idea by Cardano, and I encourage readers to go take a peek at it, if not to collect limited edition NFTs then to explore the living environment around you.

As always, Thank you to the 330 people that follow me, continue to read my posts, and support me 🙏.

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