Accumulating ADA

Accumulating ADA

By ChildOfTheMany | ADA Army | 28 Aug 2021

Investing early on in well-researched coins is important to me. Investing early in projects can turn $100 into thousands if done correctly, or potentially 10's of thousands when it can be used in conjunction with trading. This is the ideal situation to me, as I am able to take my initial capital and turn it into a whole lot more- creating spare capital I can throw at other small cap projects, or used to accumulate assets I want to hodl in my portfolio.

Naturally, with trading to increase assets in a portfolio comes fees 😉. Depending on which platform you use, really expensive fees. These charges can often stifle traders  with less capital and newcomers looking to learn how to trade. Not only increasing the amount of money needed to make a return, but it handicaps the person the moment they place the trade, and again when they exit. Not a great environment to facilitate learning to trade unless you like high fees. 

Today I'd like to share an under the radar platform I've been using to invest in a few small cap Cardano coins like ADAX and YAY, trade them, and fill my bags with ADA and other crypto for very cheap, Exmarkets. For me, Exmarkets fulfills a few different criteria I consider important to successful investing and trading in one platform; plus it offers a less hectic and volatile trading experience when dealing with reduced volume and small cap coins. Because of these attributes, and through my experiences with it, I've come to value Exmarkets as an intermediary platform to the Coinbase app that I can point people I know who are beginning to learn to trade.






Exmarkets is a crypto crowdfunding platform, IEO launchpad, and exchange. With Exmarkets, users can invest early in smaller cap coins and new projects with Initial exchange offerings, and can trade them against BTC, ETH, ADA, and USDT. 

Currently Exmarkets offers 57 coins and 110 trading pairs to choose from Including ADA, BTC, ETH, SOL, LTC, AAVE and more. 




Investing early in projects

Exmarkets offers an IEO platform similar to other launchpads, where you can invest small amounts into coins early. Initial exchange offerings differ a bit from ICO's, and offer people like me who don't have access to investing in ICO's or startups the opportunity to get invested early. These small amounts invested do not necessarily equal small profits. Every once in a while with plenty of research, you can catch coins that have great potential before the masses do like ADAX- up ~630% in the last month.


Coins like this can bring in excellent profits with as little as $100 and under invested at the right time, but by no means is this going to be the norm for every coin you come across on launchpads- so, along with investing early, having the ability to trade coins immediately after the IEO finishes is quite useful towards my end goal of adding ADA to my portfolio. Even if don't believe in a coin's long-term projection or potential, I can still trade it after the IEO ends if it develops price movements that I find favorable for trading.




Below average trading fees 

This is particularly beneficial when starting to invest or trade without a ton of money to throw into the markets. The less $ € ¥ I spend on platform fees for trading, the more I can throw back into trades or use to fill my portfolio with ADAX, ADA, BTC or SOL on the platform. Truthfully, I wish I had known about this platform earlier on in my trading days. I regret wasting so much money on popular exchange fees , which are around 0.50- or roughly 4x more for trades with a value of $1-10k. I probably would have had my stake pool pledge by now

So the less money I have, the more you are charging me? 🙄


Exmarkets offer below average trading fees with Limit Orders and Market Orders starting at 0.12%, and fees for trading small cap coins are even cheaper at 0.10%. While most Exchanges charge a different fee for Makers or Takers on orders, Exmarkets charges a flat fee to both parties involved, allowing them to charge considerably less than other exchanges for trades.

I use this reduced fee structure to bounce in and out of trades if patterns bust, reverse, or from coin to coin when things get too slow. 




Reduced volatility, and Overall better trading environment for beginners.

While and the low fee structure is fantastic, and it does allow you to complete more trades and therefore practice more often, it does nothing for your trade accuracy.

Well, with new coins there's generally less volume being traded. With less volume comes less volatility in the coin- making it a little bit easier to trade when new or learning. The decreased volume slows things down a bit as the coins don't react as violently, and I find it allows me to think about decisions a little more before entering and exiting a trade. Some may look upon this unfavorably, but I certainly don't. As I've gained confidence with my abilities to trade on any platform, trading on Exmarkets has become relaxed for me. 

Reduced volatility isn't always a good thing though, and without some price movement you wont make any profit. So, when It's time to make the ADA, due to the very low fees, I can always seek out other coins on the platform that are behaving the way I'd like them to, and trade them instead.





Overall, I really like Exmarkets as a platform. It's simple to use, and is a great way to fill a portfolio with coins I want to hodl. It offers a more relaxed trading environment with less volume than some of the large exchanges, and the fee structure makes it possible to make more trades; ergo I get more practice. Exmarkets is a platform that I point people to that I know, who want to begin trading, and has value as an intermediary between using an app to buy crypto and learning to trade. With that said, always do your own research on coins you plan to invest in, and please be careful while trading. Use caution with how much money you put into small cap coins, and never put in what you cant afford to lose 😉. 


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