Doctor blight art drawing.

Splinterlands art contest .. | Doctor Blight |

  Hello guys, hope all of you is good..
After a long time from not posting anything here for the art contest, i decided to make a new art with a different way in drawing, that i didn't try it before !

  • I drew Doctor blight card. I started drawing it on paper and sketched the out lines and then i moved it to my phone to complete it, using Sketchbook app.

  • The drawing was inspired by pictures of old newspapers, so I added horizontal lines to it, and I liked giving it a modernity by coloring it.

The orignal pic :

And now let's move to the steps :

Here now in the Sketchbook :

You can see it from my Instagram account too :

And thanks. ❤❤

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I'm 20 years old, i like drawing and sharing my art with people.

Splinterlands art contest drawings by mrzeus.
Splinterlands art contest drawings by mrzeus.

Hello guys... In this blog I'm going to talk about myself a little and about my drawings that i made for Splinterlands art contest on Hive. I'm a 20 years old, i live in Syria, also i like drawing and making art as a hobby. I'm studying pharmacy and want to graduate from the college and became a pharmacist. That's it, thanks for reading. ❤

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