Solar Farm Miner? Another BNB miner? **UPDATE***

**UPDATE**: I have been in the Solar farm miner for about a week now. I only put in .01 bnb, just to check the rate of returns and if its on par with their proposed math. Today is day 7 and i am now starting to see real ROI. This is significantly faster the 

As of now the returns are prospected about 70% a day.

Solar Farm miner is BNB miner with a locked liquidity pool. 

As of now average APR is about 12% a day.

If you know anything about these 'miners' is that those who get in early win the most money! 

I personally have not invested into this miner as of yet, but with the way the total volume is growing the possibility for rewards will be pretty decent for a few weeks. Most of these miners have a few month life span without a solid ecosystem. 

So far of all the BNB miners to be found on Moonarch there have only been 2 very successful miner. 

The key to these miner programs to be winning is the outside support these contracts have.
Bakedbeans has multiple support systems built around it. The is the official ecosystem for bakedbeans. Currently Merch proceeds,  tax from their native BCT token, and dev fees from their newest miner Toasted AVAX are all put into the Bakedbeans contract. 

I have personally been with the bakedbeans project for about 2 months now. I have earned over my initial deposit within that time so every day i dont compound my rewards im getting pure profits! (Dont compare your experience to mine but they are all about similar) 

The other Miner that seems to have a solid foundation as mentioned above is the Solar Farm Miner

Solar farm miner has a much better user interface and is more engaging then most of the miners out there. As of right now the total volume is averaging 5% growth a day. 

Please remember to do your own research before investing in these contracts, high risk high rewards. This is not financial advice. 

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