The wise tortoise.



Gordon and Franku


Franku was surprised that his opponent did not show any sign of fright. He advanced towards Gordon majestically, for a little while he stopped and looked closely. He discovered that Gordon held something that looks like a shotgun, but he(Gordon) was not making an attempt to aim at him. He sad down and roared showing he was ready to pay attention to Gordon, should in case he has anything to say.



"Why are you here?" asked King Franku

"I came to make you an offer, which is to bring you some sweet and special meat. But on one condition." said Gordon who also had a great experience on animal husbandry. He did not lack meat but was running out of food stuffs.


"What is the condition?" asked the desperate King.

Gordon replied:

"I have a game to play, if you win then I will give you the meat, but if I win I will go with the greater part of your food stock. This is how the game goes; I will jump into the stream behind the palace and will come out very fast, then you will do same. The game has just three rounds, if you win me two rounds then the game is over then you can have your meat. 🍖 🍖 . Then if I win you two rounds, the game is over, then can have my food stock."

Franku accepted to play and the game began.

First round: Gordon won.

Second round: Franku won.

The King waited for a long time after Gordon began the third round, but could not see any sign of Gordon. He said "poor idiot he brags too much, I'm sure he might have drowned in the deepest part of the stream." He was smiling while saying this, couple with the fact that the time taken by Gordon could be beaten by him twenty times and it was the last round.

Gordon on the other hand was busy digging a hole leading to a rock that was on volcano. Few metres to the volcano, he stopped digging and started swimming back with speed. Finally he came out and the waiting Franku jumped in immediately.

"Good bye great tyrant, indeed I am invincible! I am now rich in food and I will make sure I regulate the food all through the city of Muzani." The victorious Gordon said to himself.

Franku was boiling and was not able to make it out of the stream alive.

Gordon broke into the food warehouse in the Palace, called the citizens to take their shares. There was a revolution and the wicked guards were eliminated.

Gordon the wise tortoise became the hero and ruler over the inhabitants of Muzani.


LESSON: Wickedness can only last for a while and not for long. Be kind to people under you and do not see yourself as unbeatable just because of your well built stature.

Best regards!!
Anthony James
A. J. D'Great

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