FreeBitcoin The Faucet N°1

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FreeBitcoin The Faucet N°1


 Next, I'll introduce you to my favorite faucet the largest Bitcoin faucet on the internet with tens of millions of users. It's also one of the oldest Bitcoin faucets since its inception in late 2013. It allows you to earn bitcoins in many different ways while having fun. 

Before you start, this is a serious site, always paying its members within 24 hours. All games on this site use a server-generated random system and a SHA256 hash algorithm to ensure true fair play. For more information on each page of the site you have a link "PROVABLY FAIR" which describes in detail how the system works.

To start earning money, you must first create an account: (affiliate link)

Fill in the different fields (email, password, bitcoin address), then fill in the anti-bot verification code, and finally verify your registration by clicking on the link you will receive by email.

After registering, you can start claiming free bitcoins by clicking on "ROLL!" In the "Free BTC" tab.

1) Claiming free bitcoins

Every hour, you can press "Roll!" and earn winnings based on the number of landings. If you are lucky and have high numbers, you can win bitcoins worth up to $200! 

In addition, each time you press "ROLL!" you will earn a lottery ticket and a bonus point. A lottery ticket gives you a chance to win a prize in the Lottery tab. Loyalty points can be exchanged for cash, gifts, computer equipment…

For example, if I got the number 9971 I would win 297 Satoshi as well as 2 lottery tickets and 10 bonus points depending on the active bonus.

To increase your chances of getting high numbers, just click on as many as you can and claim as many bitcoins as possible.

  1. A) The price of Bitcoin, the higher the value of Bitcoin, the lower the payment.


  1. B) Your activity on the site, as an active Freebitcoin member, thanks you for adding the bonus to the disbursement. How to increase your dividend? Simply use the "MULTIPLY BTC" "BETTING" section or buy a lottery ticket.


2) Multiply your Bitcoins

Once you have accumulated bitcoins in your balance, you can try to multiply them with the casino system.

The casino "machines" allow you to place bets in manual or automatic mode. The principle is as follows: you enter the amount you wish to bet in "Bet Amount", then you must bet a value higher than 5250 "BET HI" or lower than 4750 "BET LO". If you win you win your bet, if not you lose, the chances of success are 47.5%.

You can increase your "winnings" by changing the "Bet Odds" box. For example, if you bet 3, your winnings will be doubled if your bet wins, but your odds will be lower (31.67%).

You can also bet on the number 8888 (jackpot) by selecting the cost in the BTC bets. For example, if you check the box with a cost of 0.00001250 BTC and you have the number 8888, you will receive 0.1 BTC.

As for the casino, this system is still a game of chance, where you can win a lot, but also lose everything. So, if you do not like casinos, it is better not to play them.

3) Bet your Bitcoins

If you think you know the price of Bitcoin on May 31, 2022, you can place a bet by clicking the "Bet Now" button. Then enter the amount in the "BET AMOUNT" section and click on "BET"

The winners will be the bettors whose price is closest to the price of Bitcoin at 23:59 UTC on May 31, 2022. So if you think Bitcoin is worth 12 000$, bet 10 000$ 

When you enter the amount of your bet, the estimated winnings are displayed below. The odds are displayed in the Odds section of the result, and of course they depend on the odds (like sports betting). For example, if you have odds of 2.0 and you bet 0.01 BTC, if your bet wins, you will win 0.02 BTC

Winners will be announced and paid within 48 hours of the event.

4) Play the Lottery offers you two lotteries:

 The first is the "Golden Ticket", you must purchase a ticket for 0.00025000 BTC to participate. Each lottery ticket has a chance to win a Lamborghini worth $200,000 or the equivalent in Bitcoin (~ 25 BTC). This draw takes place every 6 months.

The second draw takes place every week, with the draws taking place on Sunday afternoon. Tickets cost 1 Satoshi and you have 10 winners. Every time you click on "ROLL!", you will receive 2 free tickets. in Free BTC. So you can participate for free and increase your chances by being active on the site.

5) Bitcoin Savings Wallet

At FreeBitcoin, you can earn money even while you sleep! Your Bitcoin wallet is like a savings account with 4.08% APR. You don't have to do anything to earn compound interest daily on any balance in your account.

All you have to do is keep your balance at least 30,000 satoshis on FreeBitcoin. You can see the total interest you receive this year, and under the table, the daily interest you receive on your balance.

where that money comes from. FreeBitcoin uses 1/3 of its membership balance to mine Bitcoin. In exchange, he donated a portion of the profits. Of course, Bitcoins are not frozen and you can withdraw your funds at any time.

6) Redeem your points for Rewards

We have seen above that when you claim bitcoins for free, you also earn points. Points can be exchanged directly for Bitcoin (1 point = 1 satoshi) or gifts.

To redeem Bitcoins, use "Redeem your points" then enter the number of points you wish to redeem and click "Redeem".

To redeem gifts, you will find many below, you can choose from computer equipment, Amazon gift cards, hardware wallets... If you have enough points, you can choose your favorite prize

7) Deposits and withdrawals

You can make deposits or withdrawals at any time. To deposit funds, go to "Deposit" and you will get your bitcoin address to transfer money.

To withdraw money, click on "Withdraw" and then you can use 3 solutions. You enter "Auto" mode with the BTC address you entered during registration. To withdraw money, you must have at least 30,000 satoshis. The counter before the next payment is displayed below.

If you want to use a different address, go to "Slow" or "Instant" (see image on the left). In this section you enter the amount and the bitcoin address. For "Slow" withdrawals, transfers are made within 24 hours with low fees. In "Instant", the transfer takes about 15 minutes, but is much more expensive

8) Sponsorship

The faucet also offers you a very advantageous sponsorship system. The commissions you receive detail each action made by your referrals.

To refer someone, you must share your referral link and the person must sign up with your link.

9) Conclusion:

As you can see, FreeBitcoin is a super comprehensive faucet that allows you to earn money in many different ways. If you are really active and use all the methods I have detailed in this guide, you can easily accumulate money. Also, if you are lucky, lotteries and casinos can allow you to win a lot. Finally, this 8+ year old tap is one of the few that has stood the test of time by consistently paying users. That's also why I recommend it in the first place.

In order to thank me you can register here:  (affiliate link)

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