Vostok, permission based blockchain preparing to take on the demand of major high throughput public and closed operations, built off the Waves Platforms strong foundation!

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A short introduction to the Vostok Platform which was built off of the info structure of the Waves Platform:


Vostok was conceived by Waves Platforms inventor and ceo Sasha Ivanov during 2018's market downturn and the realization that most blockchain infrastructure/public permission decentralized chains weren't equipped to handle all public/closed ledger info structure demands. Which require large amounts of reliable throughput and response time.

One example of these type of operational field environment is: The now often mentioned corporate and institutional spaces demand to handle thousands of transactions per second + the capabilities of storing several gigabytes of data on a regular basis.

The public sector is also one of these cases which could benefit from the transparency of blockchain technologies, but requires large capaciies to operate effectively in largely populated regions.

Examples of the industries and sectors which could benefit from a well-organized and effective blockchain technology are as such:








Being such, Vostok nodes maintained by selected parties would need to be trusted to operate and manage their designated functions with confidence and respect. As it is yet to be seen the benefits of a centralized trusted node party and what this could bring to a society as a whole I remain a reasonably skeptic.

However given the reputation of the Waves Platform team to deliver on the technological side of their road maps + being major thought leaders/innovators in the blockchain space, I do not see a team better equipped at the moment to get this job done with integrity and respect for its users.


More information on Vostok:


-Vostok will be holding an Ico for a small portion of retail investors as well as a token airdrop for Waves Community Token holders.

-Vostok is a Proof of Stake system which the benefits of holding Vostok System Tokens are yet to be determined.

-Vostok has already secured a key partnership with Rostec a large Russian conglomerate https://cryptovest.com/news/waves-backed-vostok-inks-partnership-with-russias-state-conglomerate-rostec/

-Vostok will be using Waves Platform code base: https://github.com/wavesplatform/ as its technical foundation










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