Restore default panel in Lubuntu 20.04
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Restore default panel in Lubuntu 20.04

By HyperTesto | A BIT of everything | 3 Jul 2020

This is a short howto on how to restore the default panel in Lubuntu 20.04.

Often, when playing around with a desktop environmnet, you just happen to break it. It's easier than you may think (or it's just me, i don't know).
This time the system panel was gone and i couldn't make it appear again.

Lubuntu, and its DE "LXQt" changed quite a bit in the last two years, so i couldn't find any solution on StackOverflow or on the official forum.

I've digged a bit into "~/.config" that in Linux is a standard location for user's configuration files and i've found a file called "panel.conf" that was updated exaclty when i had broken my DE. Bingo!

Usually user specific configuration files, are copied eventually modified from a system standard folter, so after having found the user configuration file, i've tried to find that configuration file on more generic locations like "/etc" or "/usr/share": I've found it under "/usr/share/lxqt/panel.conf".

Having found the file i thought it was the system default (spoiler: it was) i've tried to restore my configuration by overvriting the conf in my home folder with:

$ sudo cp /usr/share/lxqt/panel.conf ~/.config/lxqt/
$ reboot

After reboot my DE was back in businness!

I hope this small guide will be useful to you.

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