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Block.one’s "Facebook Killer"app, Voice, will not launch on EOS

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OVERVIEW: In June when Block.one, the company behind the largest initial coin offering (ICO) in history, announced its Facebook-challenging social network, Voice, it promised the blockchain would run on the EOS mainnet. Plans have changed. VOICE: Vo...

What’s Enigma?

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What’s Enigma? Enigma is building a decentralized, open-source protocol that lets anyone perform computations on encrypted data, finally bringing privacy to smart contracts and public blockchains. First founded and researched at MIT in 2015, Enigma t...

Analyzing the DeFi Ecosystem and The Many Ways Chainlink Can Accelerate Adoption

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Analyzing the DeFi Ecosystem and The Many Ways Chainlink Can Accelerate Adoption Finance is the art of money management with a main objective to obtain the best possible risk adjusted rate of return on assets. Whether it’s earning interest in a sa...

In the TOP TEN: Ethereum Classic incredible breakout smashes above the $10 stubborn resistance.

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Ethereum Classic finally smashed above the resistance at $10, forming a high at $10.78. The technicals and fundamentals remain positive in addition to the strong bullish trend and high volatility. ETC/USD is trading 36% higher on the day , besides th...

Litecoin Foundation and BlockFi Partnership

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Overview:  Good day everyone, the Litecoin Foundation has established a new partnership with Crypto lending and investing startup BlockFi. The Litecoin Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Singapore with members around the globe who...

A Market of 1.3 Billion People: Ripple and MoneyGram expand into India

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RIPPLE AND MONEYGRAM Ripple-backed remittance services provider MoneyGram has brought its services to India. MoneyGram will serve millions of the Indian population through the MoneyGram global payments platform,the EbixCash network. Ripple has alrea...

WisdomTree Investments, Inc: Developing Multi Asset Backed Stablecoin

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Lets get into it good people, this story has huge implications in the future of digital assets.  WisdomTree Investments, Inc. is a New York-based exchange-traded fund and exchange-traded product sponsor and asset manager. WisdomTree launched its fir...

EOS 2.0 Released

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    Good day people, EOS a top rated smart contract platform has made a major upgrade to its protocol.   EOSIO 2 has been released by Block.one. EOS 2.0 enhances performance, transaction speed, improves security, and adds new developer tools.  Th...

SET IT & FORGET...IT: TokenSets Enhance your portfolio with automated asset management strategies

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Ok, beautiful people lets get it. TokenSet in a new player in the plethora of Defi dapps in the crypto-sphere.We all know about the staking protocols Maker Dao,Compound,and Idle but TokenSet offers something unique in this nascent space.  Overview:...

Put Your Money to work: Passive Income Streams on Kucoin Pool-X

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I know you hate reading,  so lets get down to business, the Kucoin Exchange has made many advancements in its offering over the past 2 years. The most attractive feature offered by the exchange are its staking pools.  Ok.....What's staking? Lets firs...