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Bitcoin’s Real Weakness? Energy Waste

25 May 2020 FarewelltoMinds

25 May 2020
"A single Bitcoin transaction has an electricity consumption of 549kWh. " This is bullshit!

Only 2% Rigs Mining BTC Find Blocks During Lifetime!!! (And Consume So Much Energy As Chile)

3 Mar 2020 Otek

03 March 2020
The author is either a villain or a fool or both. Your data is false.

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Coinbase Add Loopring - Great News for Publish0x Users

20 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments rah

Over the last few weeks Coinbase have added to their portfolio of carried currencies. Added currencies have included: Then at some point in the last few days, the following appeared: This has completed the Coinbase loop with all three tipping curre...

How to set-up a free online shop which accepts crypto payments

19 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments Mr. Sloth

Hi there, I few years ago I bought some stock inventory from a merchant I befriended with. My plan was to sell these goods (mostly hats and beanies) over Ebay and Amazon. Unfortunately, these platforms charge quite high fees, so I thought to sell it...


4 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments Kenny19

Each year, taxpayers must file their income tax return duly completed in June (the exact date varies by department). And the happy owners of Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash and other cryptocurrencies must mention on their return the gains made. What is the cur...

Why not using HIVE? (HIVE as a solution in order to avoid ETH Gas Fees in Publish0x)

1 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments toofasteddie

Publish0x decided a few weeks ago to reward its users, authors and curators , not only with BAT and LRC, which are fine, but also with ETH.Everybody was really enthusiastic to receive ETH instead of DAI tokens (pegged somehow to the USD) but this wee...

Why You’re Missing Bitcoin’s Most Revolutionary Feature

29 Aug 2020 5 minute read comments MarkHelfman

With bitcoin’s price exploding, you may think it’s about to go mainstream. Finally, the blockchain will have its day and everybody will realize the amazing power of open, permissionless financial networks and censorship-resistant money systems. Fiat...

Blockchain capability #3: Banks for everyone

29 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments fractalbit

Problem: Is it easy to open a bank account? A regular ordinary bank account? And what problems come when you're using it? First of all, you have to be a legal resident of a country. Then you have to be of legal age. Also, you better not have any prio...

The Legal Status of Cryptocurrencies across the Globe

29 Jul 2020 5 minute read comments ChangeNOW

Cryptocurrencies have hit the earth as a storm ever since their introduction in 2009. Crypto is now a global phenomenon. As such, many countries and their governments have tried to regulate, limit, and even slow down the adoption rate and the popular...

Mastercard Accelerates Its Program for Crypto Companies

22 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments Abhimanyu Krishnan

Mastercard announced on July 20 that it would expand its cryptocurrency program, which would subsequently make it simpler and faster for compliant payment cards to enter the market. It also revealed that Wirex had become the first cryptocurrency plat...

How to Trade Fiat for Crypto, Crypto for Crypto, and Back Into Fiat

27 Jun 2020 12 minute read comments BlockchainAuthor

Master these basics to easily navigate blockchain’s trading jungle! Once you hold bitcoin or ethereum in a digital wallet, trading for other cryptocurrencies is a cakewalk. But how do you get ahold of those (sometimes) elusive currencies in the first...