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How not to panic again in the next Bitcoin growth

8 Apr 2019 1 minute read comments xlubecx

Good news is beginning to spread in the cryptocurrency, and the classic ones are warning against buying BTCs. It would soon be the moment everyone is waiting for. However, you must not wait too long because the train will miss you. Media Report - Bew...

Binance Trust Wallet adds support for Tezos staking

7 Apr 2019 1 minute read comments xlubecx

The Trust Wallet, which was purchased last year by Binance, adds support for cryptocurrency staking. Binance announced it in her blog on April 3. The staking feature, scheduled to run at the end of the second quarter of 2019, will allow users to rece...

The new index watches for cryptocurrency focused on games including Enjin and Mana

7 Apr 2019 1 minute read comments xlubecx

AltDex has announced the launch of a new index focusing on game tokens. AltDex has created an index for the game category played on blockchaine called AltDex Gaming Index. It is designed to monitor cryptocurrency and tokens that are used in blockchai...

Google Trends: Don't be fooled, interest in Bitcoin is still low

6 Apr 2019 1 minute read comments xlubecx

The sudden increase in Bitcoin value caused this week's sharp increase in interest in finding information about the most famous cryptocenter through Google. Google provides a Google Trends analytics tool that shows keyword search progress on a timeli...

Coinbase is on the prestigious LinkedIn list

6 Apr 2019 1 minute read comments xlubecx

Coinbase's Cryptocurrency has become the only Cryptocurrency company to reach the prestigious list of 50 most popular American companies by LinkedIn. According to the annual summary, Coinbase ranked 35th among the employees. In her description she sa...

Antonopoulos: Bitcoin needs new generation applications

5 Apr 2019 1 minute read comments xlubecx

One of the most famous representatives of the cryptoworld, blockchain expert, speaker and writer Andreas Antonopoulos, signaled the future of cryptocurrency adaptation during the Deconomy conference in Seoul, South Korea.Antonopoulos has heard during...

Bitcoin can overcome Visa and MasterCard within 10 years

5 Apr 2019 1 minute read comments xlubecx

Software startup DataLight has published the results of its research, which concludes that Bitocin can replace existing popular global payment systems within 10 years. Visa, MasterCard and PayPal must be on the lookout for DataLight. If the current g...

China leads in number of blockchain projects

3 Apr 2019 1 minute read comments xlubecx

According to BlockData, quoted by china.org.cn, the world's most populous country has taken the lead in developing new blockchain projects. According to the BlockData study, there are 263 projects in China related to blockchain. This represents up to...

Andreessen Horowitz can also invest $ 1 billion in cryptocurrencies

3 Apr 2019 1 minute read comments xlubecx

The American venture capital company Andereessen Horowitz is undergoing restructuring to register all its employees as qualified financial advisors. Andereessen Horowitz is a Silicon Valley-based company specializing in investing in start-ups and fin...

The Three Most Successful 1-April Jokes in the World of Cryptoms: Have You Caught You?

2 Apr 2019 1 minute read comments xlubecx

OneCoin overtakes EthereumOn April 1, 2017, the excellent forum was edited by the popular CoinDesk crypto-portal, which shocked its readers by saying that OneCoin had become a US federal court verdict, and the judge even ordered CoinMarketCap to plac...