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Is $YFV the next $YFI?

1 Sep 2020 Chenhuang_defi

01 September 2020
Problem is you nee 90 or more YFV to farm it in the new stakepool.

Official BananoJob #6: BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x users (200k BAN)!

11 Jul 2020 banano

31 July 2020

Electroneum (ETN) Crypto Project | Mine ETN tokens with your Mobile devices

27 Jul 2020 NassiroV

27 July 2020
The ability to mine daily free ETN tokens through the Electroneum app on mobile phones finished a couple of months back. Have you not noticed?

Liked Articles

Ultra: The Future of Digital Games Distribution

28 Aug 2020 7 minute read comments warliezdiaz

More than a week ago, Apple removed and banned Fortnite in the App Store in response to Epic Games implementing a direct payment system without the former’s prior approval. Apple’s App Store generally takes a cut of approximately thirty (30) percent...

DeFi projects with big potential

16 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments RexNk

Looking at some charts we can see a huge potencial, especially for DeFi projects. They can be the catalyst for the next bullrun such as ICO did in 2016 before the amazing bullrun in 2017.  The difference between ICO and DeFi projects is that we have...

Twitter to Sponsor NASCAR Car With Bitcoin Logo on it

15 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments Abhi K

Twitter will sponsor NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace and his team, as revealed by a tweet posted by CEO and founder Jack Dorsey. He tweeted an image with both the Bitcoin (BTC) logo and the Cash App on a NASCAR car. Cash App is a product of Square, of wh...

Digital Collectibles Continue To Make Waves Outside The Ethereum Ecosystem

14 Jul 2020 3 minute read comments Brennan

It all started with the CryptoKitties craze late in 2017 when barely anyone knew what a "non-fungible token" (NFT) was. Each kitty was unique and tradable, and their ownership could be proven with 100% certainty on the blockchain. The flood of tradin...

Launch of BuyBitcoin24 by Consulting24 - Top 3 Best Options to Buy Bitcoin

12 Jul 2020 2 minute read comments Blockchain Ghost of the Future Past

Consulting24 has launched its crypto exchange comparison domain, BuyBitcoin24.com to compare the top three exchanges for making selection easier for the users. If you are looking to sell or buy bitcoin and other digital coins, you must be looking fo...

This time TikTok pumps DOGE

9 Jul 2020 4 minute read comments paragism

#DogeCoinChallenge is trending on twitter. I checked the price. Oh! It is again up 25%. In the last 2 days price of DOGE has unexpectedly increased. Dogecoin is a meme coin created in 2013 by Billy Markus. It was inspired by an internet meme of a pic...

👀 Is the "light at the end of the tunnel" close or still far away!? Financial & Crypto Markets

9 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments Crypto_Lemon

The pace of the virus is increasing fast as it takes us now less than 5 days to add 1mn more cases ! We reached 12mn and half a million deaths. This is getting quite bad. COVID-19 mortality is trending back up ! This pandemic does not seem to be wi...

Fantom announces Partnership with Royal Star, Nabros Pharma, Bliss GVS, and the Ministry of Health, for the Certification of Pharmaceuticals across Afghanistan

9 Jul 2020 4 minute read comments Fantom Foundation

Fantom representative Ahmad Jawid Sikandar (left) with Royal Star Pharma President, Obaidullah Nooristany (right)   Today, Fantom is excited to announce the launch of our Smart Medicine pilot project in Afghanistan. On 18 May 2020, a signing ceremon...

A Guide To Decentralized Finance: All You Need to Know

8 Jul 2020 12 minute read comments Ryan Osborne

You may have heard the term DeFi and wondered “what the hell is that?” In a world where snappy abbreviations come thick and fast, it can be hard to keep up. Simply put, DeFi is a blend of two words – ‘decentralized’ and ‘finance.’ But what is decentr...