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User Loses $14 million worth of BTC Due To Electrum Wallet Exploit

31 Aug 2020 FarewelltoMinds

31 August 2020
that sucks! not your keys not your crypto? in this case your keys is someone elses crypto.

Top Things You Should Know About Swipe (SXP)

24 Aug 2020 MuyAsk

25 August 2020
yes but card is not avail for US yet. both will be great for adoption.

Top Things You Should Know About Swipe (SXP)

24 Aug 2020 MuyAsk

25 August 2020
you left out the 4% cash back staking sxp for the debit card.

What’s BAND Protocol (BAND)?

18 Aug 2020 NOWPayments

19 August 2020
great write up! band is seriously consolidating rn now before the boom up.

Discussing Crypto & Finance With MMCrypto

30 Jul 2020 Scott Cunningham

31 July 2020
this guy and davinci are like perma moonbois i swear. got sick of their everyday 30k btc end of this month video thumbnails every time btc pumps.

This Chainlink competitor is also having a bull run

25 Jul 2020 paragism

26 July 2020
its not really chainlinks competitor, think of band as another security measure if link goes down. you can have more than one lock. i have both oracles, just band offers 17% staking and have a much lower max supply. link has the first mover competitive edge.

My Most Shitty Investments Challenge #1: XEL

20 Jul 2020 trumpman

21 July 2020
lol best thumbnail to date by far.

Thursday Thoughts on the Atomic Wallet Exchange

17 Jul 2020 BryRi

18 July 2020
love your write ups and keep spreading positivity

Atomic Wallet Fridays

17 Jul 2020 BryRi

18 July 2020
the wallet is cool but its fonts and colors looks like a 12yr old designed it. i hope they refresh and make it look more professional like webull app.

Financial and Crypto Markets are on fire 🔥 today - But I can't help to think something is off !

6 Jul 2020 Crypto_Lemon

07 July 2020
its a scamdemic. yt Dr Buttar and start questioning everything.

Top 5 Crypto Staking Exchanges

5 Jul 2020 .

06 July 2020
lol and you left out the best exchange to stake crypto.com which is about to pass up bnb in mcap

What exactly is Tellor (TRB)? Is this just another Oracle?

2 Jul 2020 LiquidAttic

03 July 2020
lovely just another useless shit coin on cmc..theres over 6k of these things lol

What exactly is Zcoin (XZC)? A forgotten privacy coin for sure!

2 Jul 2020 LiquidAttic

03 July 2020
soooo many fucking useless shit coins i swear

Pundi X (NPXS) Has Bounced From The Channel’s Support

30 Jun 2020 moon333

01 July 2020
how much are you invested in pundi lol

Finally Bitcoin Has Bounced From The Support To Breakout $10K Resistance

23 Jun 2020 moon333

25 June 2020
lol cute...looks great but keep dreaming. draw it out anyway that makes you feel better.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

23 Jun 2020 Jandmade

23 June 2020
its clearly craig wright

Staking Crypto – Mission Millionaire!

20 Jun 2020 SamBTC

21 June 2020
stake on crypto.com one stop shop.

Brave Browser - Avoid or Use?

17 Jun 2020 johnwege

18 June 2020
brave or nothing

Wooow!!! Verge (XVG) Has Surged More Than 500% Before The Halving | When To Buy???

17 Jun 2020 moon333

18 June 2020
lol xvg still around? i sold evereything at 9 cents

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What’s BAND Protocol (BAND)?

18 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments NOWPayments

  There’s a need for real-world data to be connected to blockchain networks in order to ease production of smart contract principles and their enforceability. Data inherent platforms, which are blockchains, draw data from themselves. Despite being he...

The Future of Deflationary Index Funds and Statera

16 Jun 2020 5 minute read comments KnewMoney

This is part 3 in a 4 part series, for full context: start here. Statera - Encouraging Trading and Liquidity in Index Funds    Remember Statera (STA) is in a pool (index fund) with five tokens: WBTC (Bitcoin), Ether, Link, SNX, STA. Having that fifth...

Full List of Crypto.com Coin (CRO) Partnerships and Integrations (2020)

27 Mar 2020 9 minute read comments list3r

Hey guys :) In the following piece I’ve compiled a detailed and comprehensive list of partnerships and integrations for the popular cryptocurrency and crypto payments platform – Crypto.com (CRO).  I divulge all of the details worth knowing about and...

Coinbase wallet will let their users to interact directly with DeFi platforms..

26 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments alberdioni8406

DeFi protocols are revolution in the Lending ecosystem and people are almost investing billions in those products worldwide and the way which traditional financial institutions in the past took to gave a loan slowly is becoming obsolete and opening a...

Monaco: Crypto.com

3 Mar 2020 4 minute read comments M87

Originally started with Monaco (MCO), quickly grew and rebranded to Crypto.com (CRO). It currently has 2 different tokens and both have had their success in the crypto market. While MCO at the time of this writing is #65 by market cap, CRO has seen s...

Are you holding your BAT or trading them?

29 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments FullofShif

Super short post but I would really like to hear the opinion of the community. Are you holding onto your BAT or do you trade/convert it to other crypto?  I really love this platform and the idea behind the Brave browser and being able to acquire BAT...

More efficient mining - settings to change in GPU for mining

23 Feb 2020 5 minute read comments DimitarM

Hello guys, I've been mining for a quite some time, sometime for profit, other - just to heat the room :D. Let me tell you how you could improve your efficiency when mining with GPU. I want to point out from now that this article is not meant for Vet...

Crypto-Backed Brave Uncovers the Biggest Data Breach Ever Recorded in the UK

6 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments Brawnd0

We’re in for some more shock - yet unsurprising - news about data breaches. The Brave team has released a new report and frankly, it’s a really poor statement on how the government officials are handling citzens’ data. The report reveals that there i...

CryptoTab Browser and how to mine XMR currency

7 Jan 2020 7 minute read comments TrocProcLock

Note: At first I just wanted to try out CryptoTab and see if it was worth it. But then I got started down a rabbit hole of XMR and this article turned into how to Mine for XMR currency. I made a fatal error in my process but decided to keep it in to...

What Is EOS? [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding EOS]

17 Sep 2019 6 minute read comments Mr.CryptoWiki

EOS is one of the top cryptocurrencies, and it was also one of the biggest ICOs in the history of crypto. The project is often dubbed as a ‘more scalable’ or ‘better’ Ethereum by its supporters. Different from Ethereum that previously utilized Proof...



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