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Fanatical Individualist, Radical Capitalist, Rational Egoist, Objectivist, Transhumanist. Business Graduate, Programmer, Gamer, Apple & Linux User, Wolf Lover, Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast.

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Southern Wolf


The Mistake of Forcing Authors into Crypto-Only Articles

24 Jul 2019 Daniel Goldman

25 July 2019
You are absolutely correct! For all of the flak I give Steem, the network has a very wide range of diversified content! Yes, crypto and blockchain tech are BIG topics on the site, but there is plenty of other topics, groups, ideas, concepts, categories, and viewpoints available to follow and interact with. There is no restriction on what categories or topics are off limits, save the opinion of the community's downvote. I have heard of Uptrennd before, but never really bothered to check them out. And now I know why I probably never will.

PublishOx Nominated for Hackernoon Noonies Award. Vote!

22 Jul 2019 alexbiojs

25 July 2019
Just Voted! Here's hoping PublishOx can pull out a win!

Remembering The RCA 180x: An amazing little 8-bit processor

9 Jul 2019 Daniel Goldman

10 July 2019
I must say, the way those old processors look is just amazing! Like small insect, but less brain-power! In theory, you could emulate the 180x and the Elf II with something like a Raspberry Pi. Obviously the Pi has MUCH more power than the 180x, but you could create the same constraints the original had, or use that extra power to see what you could do with it! :)

3 Things You Probably Missed About BAT Last Week (1-7 July)

8 Jul 2019 Ed-california

09 July 2019
Fantastic write-up! Definitely glad to see Brave and BAT are getting more attention and a firmer footing, not just in the crypto sphere, but in the wider world as a whole!

Lethean (IntenseCoin) Explained: The Decentralized VPN Cryptocurrency Project

8 Jul 2019 Jacob Woods

09 July 2019
What a fantastic idea! A decentralized VPN services that uses crypto to fund exit nodes who can use their work to harness the network as well is a great idea!

Looking At The Upcoming Ethereum Proof Of Stake Upgrade

1 Jul 2019 Scott Cunningham

08 July 2019
Great summary! I have been hearing for a while that Ethereum would move to a PoS network. I do wonder how this will affect current miners and mining pools for ETH, such as Minergate. And, I wonder how this will change how the network operates for the average user. My experience with Steem, a Delegated PoS network, from a network perspective is great! Fast, reliable, easier to use and understand. However, there are some issues with the Witnesses and Whales running the show about changes made to the network and how it operates. So I'm quite curious to see how this works out for Ethereum in the future.

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