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$0 to $1000,000 DAY 5/90 + $1.21

13 Feb 2019 SniperMax $0.78 (466.9921 HYDRO)

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 5/90   Folks, Gringos, i hope you have a great day/week/year :). I also hope you actually read my articles and enjoy them, maybe learn something new from them, as i like to read yours :) Also, if you know any good stuff to earn fr...

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 4/90 - $0.16 *First publish0x payment arrived today :)

11 Feb 2019 SniperMax $0.87 (520.7660 HYDRO)

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 4/90   Hey guys. It is day 4 only and already im tired af :D. Started to think did i set the goal too high?? Nah...   So, what do i do at the moment. It was weekend, i spent most of the time at bars, pubs etc :) need to relax some...

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 3/90 +$12.44

9 Feb 2019 SniperMax $0.55 (326.9736 HYDRO)

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 3/90   Hello guys.   Today i will only write a short summary of what happened. So, since it is saturday, i had a little break from regular job, had some coffees with friends in the morning, had some sleep since i was out friday ni...