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I am the host of Crypto & Things and I'm a huge social blockchain enthusiast exploring what I believe to be the next level of social communication. I also explore philosophy, politics, and more

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Scott Cunningham

How To Earn Tons Of Crypto On Bounty0x

8 Oct 2019 2 minute read Scott Cunningham

Bounty0x is a great platform where you can complete bounties for participating in different crypto airdrops. Hey everyone, In this screenshot guide, I will take you through my journey of earning a bunch of crypto in bounties on Bounty0x. I liked the...

My Ethereum Social Dapps Review

4 Oct 2019 6 minute read Scott Cunningham

I would love for Ethereum dapps to grow and improve. I recently finished doing a review of their social dapps and the only one that stands out for me is Minds. After previously reviewing a handful of EOS dapps and feeling underwhelmed, I wanted to co...

The YouTube Demonetization Keywords Blacklist

3 Oct 2019 1 minute read Scott Cunningham

here is a growing list of biased demonetized keywords blacklisted for YouTube that you should really be aware of as a creator, user, or advertiser alike. It was over 40 years ago George Carlin listed the 7 words you can’t say on television. Now we ha...

Verify Anything About Your Food With Blockchain

1 Oct 2019 3 minute read Scott Cunningham

There are a lot of issues in supply chain management today and blockchain is tackling all of them. Let's talk about food supply chains and blockchain. Imagine looking at two different batches of apples and wondering why they look different and then s...

What Most People Aren't Seeing About Bitcoin

29 Sep 2019 3 minute read Scott Cunningham

The Next Halving Is Estimated For May 2020 In my opinion, everything surrounding speculating the price of Bitcoin derives from its halvings now which have happened twice before where it saw the largest percent increases in its lifespan. Inflation Ra...

Ethereum Name Service Is The Best Domain Solution Yet

28 Sep 2019 1 minute read Scott Cunningham

Ethereum name service is the best domain solution I’ve found yet given it works with major wallets like Metamask and other ether wallets. The main thing here is that the domain services work with all wallets, but for now they are so new that there is...

7 Ways Blockchain Social Media Platforms Are Better

25 Sep 2019 3 minute read Scott Cunningham

There are many ways that most true blockchain integrated social media platforms are better than traditional legacy platforms. Some platforms have all these benefits and some only have a few. The main benefits are transparency, decentralization, monet...

Domain Names For Crypto Addresses Aren’t Ready Yet

24 Sep 2019 1 minute read Scott Cunningham

Domain name services for crypto addresses make for easy transfers and allow you to create uncensorable websites. This is a huge step forward using blockchain technology and as much as I wanted it to be ready this September using the Ziliqa network, i...

Interviewing Aly Kassam From OneLedger

20 Sep 2019 1 minute read Scott Cunningham

OneLedger is a cross-chain application platform designed to allow developers to extend blockchain technology.   I spoke with Aly Kassam who is the Director of Product at OneLedger to discuss their progress and where the company is headed.        I as...

Conscious Attention Is a Form Of Ignorance

17 Sep 2019 1 minute read Scott Cunningham

Alan Watts had an amazing way of looking at the world and in the web of life, he explains how our conscious attention is really a form of ignorance. I'd like to reiterate this and discuss it with you today.   We filter out so much of what we see and...