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I am a social blockchain enthusiast that blogs and vlogs on all the major platforms! I've also just started podcasting. I'm working to help teach people on there more about it. I also spend a great deal of time helping people grow their online presence.

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Steem Digital Asset Report: Token Review And Investment Grade

8 Apr 2019 scottcbusiness $0.01 (1.6288 BNTY)

This is extremely insightful and points out the major issues in Steem like they laid off 70% of their team and are reporting losses, 40% of the currency is owned by less than 100 people and many could be duplicate accounts, the active user base has h...

Brave: The Only Internet Browser You'll Ever Need

8 Apr 2019 scottcbusiness $1.89 (353.0620 BNTY)

The Brave browser does so much for you. First, it strips down pages to the basics and removes trackers and ads to secure your attention and privacy. They also upgrade websites to HTTPS for your security. Then it gives you the option to re-enable ads...

Talking About Uptrennd With The Founder Jeff Kirdeikis

7 Apr 2019 scottcbusiness $1.76 (328.4661 BNTY)

I had a great interview with Jeff Kirdeikis the founder of Uptrennd. Uptrennd is an up and coming blockchain social media platform. I believe it has the potential to replace SOLA as one of my primary platforms now that it has closed down. I asked hi...