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Making Crypto Addresses Easy With Domains

11 May 2019 1 minute read scottcbusiness $0.75 tipped

This is so cool! Unstoppable domains will use .zil addresses that will work on their network to automatically find the correct wallet address for you and let people send crypto to your .zil domain rather than you memorizing or copy-pasting your crypt...

Have You Heard Of Bitcoin Mixer?

9 May 2019 2 minute read scottcbusiness $1.44 tipped

I stumbled upon and I thought it was really interesting and worth a share. I’ve never seen a service like this before, but there are a few out there and there is a need for anonymity for a variety of reasons. This could be any...

Logical Fallacies Series Part 17

5 May 2019 2 minute read scottcbusiness $0.10 tipped

Hey there! I want to talk to again you about logical fallacies! There are oh so many and I'd like to go over them. We are now on to part 17 of my series on here. In this series, we are only covering the actual fallacies and what they are, not the app...

You Must Live The Part To Succeed

3 May 2019 1 minute read scottcbusiness $0.05 tipped

Too often are people who are marketers have awful social media channels themselves. If you are a marketer it would make sense you personally are good at it. Would you pay someone who is unfit and unwell to be your personal trainer or diet coach? No....

Taking A Critical Look At The Top Blockchain Platforms

29 Apr 2019 15 minute read scottcbusiness $1.90 tipped

I’ve been praising a few platforms a lot, but I’d like to ensure there is a balance as I know there are flaws to these platforms too so let’s take a very analytical look at Steemit, Minds, Publish0x, and Uptrend. Keep in mind Steemit is only one of m...

Discussing Hydro With Mark Anstead

27 Apr 2019 1 minute read scottcbusiness $1.65 tipped

In this video, I discuss Hydro and Hydrogen with Mark Anstead the head of business development there. Hydro, as described by their business, is "an open source blockchain project comprising of multiple smart contracts (protocols) and a dApp store, a...

Getting Caught Up In The Grandiosity Of Your Dreams

27 Apr 2019 2 minute read scottcbusiness $0.08 tipped

People get so caught up in not pursuing their passion that they don’t pursue their passion because of it. Sounds confusing so I’ll briefly break it down. This is a scenario that presents this, but it not the only instance where this would happen. So...

A Review Of Publish0x: A Blockchain Social Platform

25 Apr 2019 8 minute read scottcbusiness $2.87 tipped

I cover most, but not all the aspects of the blog in a 24-minute video on blockchain technology below otherwise you can read this article with some screenshots reviewing the platform Publish0x. Publish0x is a blockchain platform that compares closel...

Manipulation Of The Appeal Towards Entrepreneurship

25 Apr 2019 3 minute read scottcbusiness $0.07 tipped

I wanted to share a couple of examples of experiences I've had with people who try to take advantage of ambitious entrepreneurs. While this does happen mind you, doing free work is a staple to building your business starting out and getting recommend...

Blockchain Social Media Platforms Review III

24 Apr 2019 23 minute read scottcbusiness $2.52 tipped

Hey everyone, This will be covering new platforms not covered in the previous as well as rereview any applications or websites that weren’t quite to par but weren’t awful. I will very briefly double check the awful ones and either add them here if th...