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A supporter of financial technology - digitalizing the economy. Frequent blogger on emerging tech such as blockchain, fintech, science, and all things related to technology. Pursuing a degree in Physics. Nanyang Technology University.

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Snowmo.io - A Closer Look

3 weeks ago James Elijah Braganza Morillo $6.57 (3,901.7855 HYDRO)

What is Snowmo.io Snowmo.io received huge attention from the Crypto Twitter community after being released by its creator Noah, as it projects some of the most fundamental necessities a digital wallet must have. It involves a secure identity feature ...

A list of Top Exchanges

16 Mar 2019 James Elijah Braganza Morillo $0.62 (369.7229 HYDRO)

As a frequent trader, I've faced many struggles finding the best exchange that offers everything that I needed. This includes volume, security, earnings, UI/UX, and dividends. It is tough to find such a dream exchange but let's look at some of the mo...

Upcoming Events for Project Hydro

17 Feb 2019 James Elijah Braganza Morillo $7.53 (4,488.0895 HYDRO)

New Listing Hydro will be tradeable in the new exchange xBase by the end of February 2019. It was originally planned to be listed on the 15th February, however, upon speaking to one of the Admins in their Telegram, she informed that the listing will...