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What to BUY in this BEAR market that's under a PENNY

8 Feb 2019 4 minute read MrCryptoPatrick $2.19 tipped

Let's be real, it is still a very long way before we a get to experience another meteoric bull run in this market. It's still 470 days (as of writing) before BTC halving so, we're nowhere near the midpoint. Historical movement analysis suggests furt...


3 Feb 2019 6 minute read MrCryptoPatrick $0.09 tipped

Blockchain and its potential use cases surfaced many ideas of innovation in the field of finance, education, payment, etc. During the 2017 ICO frenzy, an enormous number of new companies emerged to get hold of the business opportunity to make money....

The Project Hydro AMA at DBCRYPTO

27 Jan 2019 11 minute read MrCryptoPatrick $8.40 tipped

The Project Hydro AMA at  ______________________________________________________________________________________ Question: Hey guys, I know you already have a partnership with Chainlink, are there any other crypto projects...

Why Hydro Should Be On Your Radar ($Hydro)

24 Jan 2019 9 minute read MrCryptoPatrick $5.46 tipped

While the market remains occupied looking for that elusive bottom of Bitcoin, many projects in the crypto space have been heavily focused on the development and marketing of their products. Investors remain speculative about the use cases of utility...