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HgLauncher - A Lightweight Launcher To Keep Your Device Clean

19 Apr 2019 Solomon Stephen $0.11 (20.3076 BNTY)

Sometime in February, I reviewed a Launcher titled SimLauncher. It's a minimalistic Android launcher that prevents its user from wasting time on unwanted apps. If you read the post, and downloaded the launcher, then, I'm sure you must have benefited...

Mnml - A minimal, beautiful screen recorder for Android OS

18 Apr 2019 Solomon Stephen $0.42 (78.4771 BNTY)

Gone are the days when I have to use a friend's Android device to capture my Android screen, and then, call it a screenshot. I have to do all of that because my Android device lacked a screenshot option. But, things changed over a few periods of time...

PDF Converter V8.6.4 - You Can Now Add tools/Features To Your Favorite List, Convert From Excel, Or Image Zip Files TO PDF files, And Sort Your History Page With The Filter Feature.

17 Apr 2019 Solomon Stephen $0.02 (3.6065 BNTY)

I don't think I have ever seen any female developer that is as brilliant as Swati4star. If you've not used any of her projects, then, I'm wondering what type of conversion tool you've been using.Also, if you missed my introductory post to one of her...