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ScarletNotes - The Rich Text Editing App| It's Embedded With Awesome Feature

24 Apr 2019 Solomon Stephen $0.04 (7.6159 BNTY)

I have used various types of note-taking apps and seen different features in them. I have also blogged about my favorite ones. If you've been following my blog posts for the past 2-3 months, you must have noticed how often I talk about note taking ap...

ScreenStream V3.1.0 - Transformed Settings Page, Added The Ability To Automatic Start/Stop Streaming, To Crop An Image, A share button on the Home screen, A confirmation dialog for sending logs.

22 Apr 2019 Solomon Stephen $0.05 (8.6504 BNTY)

A month ago, I introduced a project by Dkrivoruchko, and I titled the blog post "The Easiest Way To Broadcast Phone's Screen To Web Browsers Using ScreenStream". You are advised to read the post if you need to know an easy way to broadcast your Andro...

Sizzy - A tool for testing websites responsiveness

20 Apr 2019 Solomon Stephen $0.06 (10.6990 BNTY)

This is actually the very first time I will be reviewing a web app. As my previous reviews had always been on mobile apps, and to be specific, they are Android apps. I am happy things are changing positively as expected. I have always wanted to try o...