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RedMoon - A Tool To Eliminate Blue Light From Your Android Screen.

3 weeks ago Solomon Stephen $0.12 (21.7468 BNTY)

It's nothing new that people are spending more time on their screens than ever. Do you know that staring at screens of your device for too long causes headache, sleepless night, tears dropping from the eyes, just to mention a few. I have heard a lot...

PhoneSaver - The Brilliant File saver

4 weeks ago Solomon Stephen $0.10 (19.3457 BNTY)

A. Introduction   Mobile phone users need help to efficiently get almost if not all of their mobile activities competed in no time. To archive this, mobile tools are needed. However, It's amazing to seeing how a lot of developers out there are solvin...

How Do You Take ScreenShot? Are You Still Using The Default Method? It's Time To try ScreenShotGo

4 weeks ago Solomon Stephen $0.07 (13.1002 BNTY)

It's over three weeks now since I got this project running on my device. I ought to have published an article about it. But, I wasn't having much interest in reviewing it for a reason. In fact, the truth is that I was Judging the book by its cover. I...