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Download-navi - Yet Another Download Manager

2 weeks ago Solomon Stephen $0.07 (12.8679 BNTY)

Mobile tools are making mobile users live a comfortable life IMHO. I said something similar to that in one of my previous reviews, and I am happy to relate the two sentence here. Well, I'm amazed by how these developers are working very hard to satis...

HgLauncher V1.4.2 - Settings Page Is Transformed | A Lot Of Bugs Fixed.

3 weeks ago Solomon Stephen $0.07 (12.5277 BNTY)

I do understand that everyone has their personal life to live. Even the top celebrities have their personal lives too. A lot of people think celebrities only live their celebrity kind of life. Also, Developers who develop tools for people to use are...

Rabbit Escape - Time To Catch Some Fun Rescuing Rabbits

3 weeks ago Solomon Stephen $0.08 (14.0460 BNTY)

This has been the most common question I see on some bloggers page. Especially those bloggers giving advice on what to do when they are bored or less busy. In some cases, these blog owners advise readers to go play some games, listen to music, or eve...