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Markor V1.8.0 Change Logs In Details

2 weeks ago Solomon Stephen $0.04 (7.7727 BNTY)

It's good to see another update from Markor team. This is the second update I'll be publishing after I reviewed the awesome project sometime in January. ever since then, I have noticed that it takes the team a month or more to release an update after...

MusicDownloader - Minimal Youtube MP3/MP4 downloader.

2 weeks ago Solomon Stephen $0.05 (9.5723 BNTY)

Have you ever tried to download a YouTube video but you couldn't because the site or the app lacks the option to do so? Have you ever tried to convert a YouTube video to an audio file and you couldn't? well, I have always wanted to do the same. Howev...

Geon - Visit Places And Get Rewarded

2 weeks ago Solomon Stephen $0.06 (10.8070 BNTY)

I have read several blogs where the blog owner shares ideas on how to earn an income online. Most of the ideas shared require a skill. It's either you are expected to be a writer to start writing on freelancing sites, a developer, designer, or even a...