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Solomon Stephen

With Atomize, You Don't Have To Worry About High-Resolution Images.

11 May 2019 5 minute read Solomon Stephen $0.68 tipped

We currently live in a world of Hi-Tech devices, as manufacturers claimed their products are. Well, I doubt not the statement because I have seen lots of standard gadgets. For example, A Digital Camera with a masterpiece HD lens. You can imagine how...

Golem Is The Feature For Cloud-Computing

9 May 2019 5 minute read Solomon Stephen $1.78 tipped

I see a lot of computer users not actually using their computers for anything and still don't rent the computing power out to the needy. Do you know you can set your system to delegate its computing power while you get paid for it? Some might give an...

Markor V1.8.0 Change Logs In Details

8 May 2019 5 minute read Solomon Stephen $0.02 tipped

  It's good to see another update from Markor team. This is the second update I'll be publishing after I reviewed the awesome project sometime in January. ever since then, I have noticed that it takes the team a month or more to release an update aft...

MusicDownloader - Minimal Youtube MP3/MP4 downloader.

6 May 2019 6 minute read Solomon Stephen $0.02 tipped

Have you ever tried to download a YouTube video but you couldn't because the site or the app lacks the option to do so? Have you ever tried to convert a YouTube video to an audio file and you couldn't? well, I have always wanted to do the same. Howev...

Geon - Visit Places And Get Rewarded

5 May 2019 7 minute read Solomon Stephen $0.02 tipped

I have read several blogs where the blog owner shares ideas on how to earn an income online. Most of the ideas shared require a skill. It's either you are expected to be a writer to start writing on freelancing sites, a developer, designer, or even a...

Download-navi - Yet Another Download Manager

4 May 2019 7 minute read Solomon Stephen $0.03 tipped

Mobile tools are making mobile users live a comfortable life IMHO. I said something similar to that in one of my previous reviews, and I am happy to relate the two sentence here. Well, I'm amazed by how these developers are working very hard to satis...

HgLauncher V1.4.2 - Settings Page Is Transformed | A Lot Of Bugs Fixed.

2 May 2019 5 minute read Solomon Stephen $0.03 tipped

I do understand that everyone has their personal life to live. Even the top celebrities have their personal lives too. A lot of people think celebrities only live their celebrity kind of life. Also, Developers who develop tools for people to use are...

Rabbit Escape - Time To Catch Some Fun Rescuing Rabbits

30 Apr 2019 7 minute read Solomon Stephen $0.03 tipped

This has been the most common question I see on some bloggers page. Especially those bloggers giving advice on what to do when they are bored or less busy. In some cases, these blog owners advise readers to go play some games, listen to music, or eve...

RedMoon - A Tool To Eliminate Blue Light From Your Android Screen.

29 Apr 2019 7 minute read Solomon Stephen $0.05 tipped

It's nothing new that people are spending more time on their screens than ever. Do you know that staring at screens of your device for too long causes headache, sleepless night, tears dropping from the eyes, just to mention a few. I have heard a lot...

PhoneSaver - The Brilliant File saver

27 Apr 2019 4 minute read Solomon Stephen $0.04 tipped

A. Introduction   Mobile phone users need help to efficiently get almost if not all of their mobile activities competed in no time. To archive this, mobile tools are needed. However, It's amazing to seeing how a lot of developers out there are solvin...