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Awesome Design Tools - The best collection of design tools for everything

1 week ago Solomon Stephen $0.09 (15.7664 BNTY)

While I was still little, I seem not to understand that everyone is creative in one way or the other. We are only inspired by the things we see or the tools we use. There are various things that can inspire oneself to be creative. As a designer, Imag...

With Atomize, You Don't Have To Worry About High-Resolution Images.

1 week ago Solomon Stephen $1.23 (218.8045 BNTY)

We currently live in a world of Hi-Tech devices, as manufacturers claimed their products are. Well, I doubt not the statement because I have seen lots of standard gadgets. For example, A Digital Camera with a masterpiece HD lens. You can imagine how...

Golem Is The Feature For Cloud-Computing

2 weeks ago Solomon Stephen $4.51 (802.5938 BNTY)

I see a lot of computer users not actually using their computers for anything and still don't rent the computing power out to the needy. Do you know you can set your system to delegate its computing power while you get paid for it? Some might give an...