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Rollback Financial Markets Bitcoin Post Halving News

12 May 2020 7 minute read comments Rubika Ventures®

This week’s economic calendar is packed with data that will show even more how far the Coronavirus pandemic has weighed global growth. The United States will release its April data for retail sales and industrial production, while the UK and Germany...

Bitcoin BTC BTCUSD BTCUSDT Weekly Review 👀 Flash Update

11 May 2020 1 minute read comments Rubika Ventures®

At 19 hours after halving the cryptocurrency market closes its weekly cycle with an indecision on account of the last candle. There really are a lot of odds in favor of buyers at 50% of the game and the other remaining for sellers. This game is reall...

Five Common Mistakes You Should Avoid To Lower Your Risks When Trading Cryptocurrencies Or Other Assets

9 May 2020 9 minute read comments Rubika Ventures®

We are going to take advantage of this space to the new seedlings. Yes, that same! For those who are still starting this journey of investing in cryptocurrencies or other assets. On the other hand, we know that some people have no idea what to do in...

Great Promotion Life Time Plan Telegram

7 May 2020 1 minute read comments Rubika Ventures®

The month of April we obtained more than 1000% in earnings with more than 80% accuracy. For this month we know that it will not be the exception. ✅ For this reason and for the next 72 hours, we will give more than 50% discount on our lifetime plan f...

Financial Markets Radar Against Bitcoin Halving News

4 May 2020 9 minute read comments Rubika Ventures®

This week financial markets are entering a phase of slight recovery. We have already seen from the last months ago how many assets reached many floors below zero degrees. We saw the oil fall on the ground, it was reported that a multimillionaire lost...

Premium Surprise Weekend News For The Most Appreciated Cryptocurrencies

2 May 2020 9 minute read comments Rubika Ventures®

This editorial note highlights the fact that Bitcoin is becoming the asset with the highest performance for 2020 after gold, as explained the independent news. It is also important to note that there are few days left for the most anticipated event...

Bitcoin Daily Review And Giveaway 1k Followers On Telegram

1 May 2020 1 minute read comments Rubika Ventures®

Shooting Star pattern on the daily chart with suspension on the MA300. Support consider: tekan sen at $8298.34. Indicators show overbought assets. False breaking of the discharge channel. #Bitcoin #BTC #BTCUDD #BTCUSDT. #giveaway To celebrate that w...

Two Excellent Results On Our Telegram Channel That You Should Review

28 Apr 2020 1 minute read comments Rubika Ventures®

Tron TRX TRXUSD TRXUSDT after the news of Expansion Wave B continued and thanks to our personal recommendation we have already made more than 11% of earnings with 10x would be approxima...

The Complete AMA Guide For Our Services To Have No Doubts

27 Apr 2020 28 minute read comments Rubika Ventures®

The following article aims to provide you with a “questions and answers” about our services. We want that when thinking about consuming any of our services, you are left with no doubts. In the end the important thing is that you feel within our famil...

The Top Five Cryptocurrencies For This Week By Criptonoticias

25 Apr 2020 4 minute read comments Rubika Ventures®

Key facts by Criptonoticias: Cryptocurrency Market continues to grow. Some altcoins register rises of almost 30%. Bitcoin price gains, on average 6.73%, approximately in these seven days. Between April 18 and 24, the cryptocurrency market continues...