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To be vegan , or not to be vegan

12 Jun 2020 dexpartacus

12 June 2020
Good article and yes, I’m vegan.. for a human choice, not to kill animals anymore.. I became vegan right after having casually see a slaughterhouse video on FB.. I wondered: how can I be responsible for that suffer? And I choose ;)

Public Announcement: All Remaining HYDRO and BNTY tokens on Publish0x Converted Into DAI

3 Apr 2020 Igor Tomić

04 April 2020
Hello, I asked for a Hydro tokens withdrawal few days ago, but now the withdrawal has been deleted, and no DAI tokens have been added to my account. Can You please check? Thank You.

Where are Bitcoin’s Retail Investors?

28 Feb 2020 MarkHelfman

29 February 2020
Wow.. what a beautiful, significant comment 😉

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