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I am a blockchain consultant and crypto fan. I try to give the best possible information to the people who follow me. I was mainly interested in energy savings in the world of mining with several interesting projects. Especially since the arrival of the F

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Pi Network! This golden project is an opportunity.

28 Oct 2019 Leviet7490

29 September 2020
Very interesting article well made. The future of this crypto is in a very good way.

Don't you get ads in brave browser? - I'll leave you the solution here.

9 Mar 2020 nicklaus

10 March 2020
Thank you for your work it was very interesting.

6 News You Might Have Missed This Week (3 - 6 March)

6 Mar 2020 Brawnd0

08 March 2020
A very good article. Awaiting a new one with pleasure. Thanks

Complete Basic Attention Token (BAT) Review

14 Feb 2020 ChangellyOfficial

15 February 2020
Very nice article, every steps Brave have done right now is so magic for me. I use to follow them still the begining. Regards

4 Cryptos That Are Yet To Explode In Altseason Q1/Q2 2020

13 Feb 2020 Adamic0

15 February 2020
Thank you so much for you article it was very interesting for me and it was different from my proper opinion. regards

Project Hydro AMA

10 Feb 2020 User__________

15 February 2020
I'm very interested in your project. what interests me is what procedure you are going to use for KYC? I wish you every success.

How would a Bitcoin Cash Block Reward Tax Impact Bitcoin Miners?

30 Jan 2020 MinerUpdate

01 February 2020
Of course, the development tax proposal has garnered some support with many miners seeing it as a medium-term positive for the Bitcoin Cash network, but for it is mainly in the long term that they think. With SHA256 minors will benefit from a larger pool of rewards it is quite in their interest to increase the value of the rewards pool as much as possible. In my opinion it was impossible not to see this evolution happen at some point. Now it remains to monitor the future of events and to remain vigilant.

ATOM Coin (Cosmos) News, CEO Exit: Is Now The Best Time to Buy?

31 Jan 2020 Political Noob

01 February 2020
Very interesting and well documented thank you very much for sharing information

What is RandomX? - Monero’s Mining Algorithm

16 Jan 2020 CryptoMoneyMaker

16 January 2020
Thank you so much for this article.

U.S. Patent for Blockchain-Based Anti-Piracy System

16 Jan 2020 M87

16 January 2020
You have to keep your independence. We have been saying for years that we need to protect our privacy, but when we see that freedom laws are different between each country. It is not easy to operate freely. How many people today use pgp keys on a daily basis? Too little it shows that the culture of privacy has not yet come far enough to encourage people to protect themselves at last. The arrival of the blockchain has begun to change this notion of privacy, but it will only affect the younger generations... Thanks for the article it was exciting.

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How-to: Get your Brave BAT rewards paid from your mobile browser sooner

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Welcome: First of all, I want to extend a big thanks to everyone who's been reading my posts so far and tipping them, getting so many tips for my brave creator tutorial and Dharma interest tutorial was really motivating and has inspired me to write a...

Complete Basic Attention Token (BAT) Review

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Basic Attention Token is a reward cryptocurrency, which is embedded in the Brave Browser. Brave is not only a browser but an advertisement exchange based on Ethereum blockchain. The project, including BAT token, is a great opportunity for users, publ...

4 Cryptos That Are Yet To Explode In Altseason Q1/Q2 2020

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How would a Bitcoin Cash Block Reward Tax Impact Bitcoin Miners?

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This Miner Insights piece was originally published in crypto mining publication MinerUpdate. Subscribe here for the latest updates. withdraws support for a proposal which would implement a 12.5% tax on the block rewards of Bitcoin Cash mi...

What Is Hydro (HYDRO)? - [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Hydro]

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Here I'm going to offer a comprehensive guide on what Hydro (HYDRO) is. You should also read my other guides - WaykiChain (WICC), Ontology (ONT) and Maker (MKR). It’s been a decade since Bitcoin came around and since then we have seen many different...


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