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I am a crypto enthusiast. Sometimes I participate in investments of projects based on blockchain technologies.

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plachpalach (Andrew Cherkasov)

Elrond Network — ecosystem of the future…

21 Aug 2019 3 minute read 0 comments plachpalach (Andrew Cherkasov)

For the Elrond team, which consists of very talented specialists in the field of blockchain technology, the main goal was to create a network that can work stably under heavy loads and at high speed. They have made steady progress towards this goal a...

The Elrond Network is the future well-being of all progressive people.

12 Aug 2019 3 minute read 0 comments plachpalach (Andrew Cherkasov)

“Elrond is a novel architecture which goes beyond state of the art by introducing a genuine state sharding scheme for practical scalability, eliminating energy and computational waste while ensuring distributed fairness through a Secure Proof of Stak...

The Elrond project is a hope for a fair future in the world of high technologies.

11 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments plachpalach (Andrew Cherkasov)

All crypto enthusiasts are very concerned about one problem, and the best cryptographers and programmers from around the world have been working on its solution for a long time. This question is a question of scaling in the blockchain. The further d...

Projects created on the basis of blockchain will radically change the existing financial system.

5 Jun 2019 2 minute read 3 comments plachpalach (Andrew Cherkasov)

The emergence of blockchain technology has become a real event in the lives of millions of people who care about the fate of the future of all mankind. People clearly have a need to change something, because the current system has ceased to satisfy t...

Elrond Network project

31 May 2019 1 minute read 0 comments plachpalach (Andrew Cherkasov)

Elrond Network is a project in which talented developers have created a blockchain-based platform that is able to solve the main problem with scalability. They intend to do this through the mechanism of SPoS (Secured Proof of Stake).It is safe to say...

The efforts of the Elrond project developers have borne fruit...

29 May 2019 1 minute read 0 comments plachpalach (Andrew Cherkasov)

Elrond team, through great efforts and hard work has achieved its goal and was able to realize high network bandwidth. Bandwidth has been significantly increased and already today it reaches a peak of up to 10,000 or more transactions per second. Dur...

The best anonymous browser releases tokens.

28 May 2019 1 minute read 0 comments plachpalach (Andrew Cherkasov)

Anyone who has ever been interested in online privacy knows about the existence of the TOR browser. It is based on the well-known browser Mozilla Firefox, with which you can go unnoticed while surfing the network. As long as you travel on the network...

Internet Starlink is the near future...

23 May 2019 1 minute read 2 comments plachpalach (Andrew Cherkasov)

Elon Musk continues to work on space exploration. Recently, he made another loud statement that in 2 years SpaceX will dominate the number of satellites in earth orbit. SpaceX intends to launch more than 4,000 satellites over the next eight years. Th...

Do I need rules of etiquette?

23 May 2019 1 minute read 1 comment plachpalach (Andrew Cherkasov)

What is etiquette in our understanding? What are the rules of etiquette for? Maybe in order to make a good impression in society? But different societies have their own characteristics and cultural preferences. This means that the rules of etiquette...

Is decentralization possible?

23 May 2019 1 minute read 0 comments plachpalach (Andrew Cherkasov)

Decentralization. Not everyone understands the true meaning of the word. What is it and what place does it occupy in the life of modern man? Decentralization is the redistribution of core functions from the control center, delegating all powers to ea...


Election of the President using the blockchain. Really?!

8 May 2019 plachpalach (Andrew Cherkasov)

08 May 2019
Thanks. I'm glad I can be of service.

The long-awaited update of the Ethereum platform will be released soon...

3 May 2019 plachpalach (Andrew Cherkasov)

03 May 2019
You're right. This update will significantly reduce transaction fees. But the most important thing is the speed of transactions. It will increase many times

Constantinople – What Next for Project Hydro and other ERC Tokens Running on Ethereum Network

4 Mar 2019 Mayor

09 April 2019
Information worthy of attention of crypto enthusiasts. The HYDRO platform has a great future, I am sure.

Upcoming Events for Project Hydro

17 Feb 2019 JamesMorillo

09 April 2019
Thank you for the quality and useful information. I always try not to miss a chance to learn about HYDRO project as much as possible. I really like everything these guys do.

HYDRO Token Integrated For Tipping on Publish0x

2 Apr 2019 Dan Bainbridge

09 April 2019
Great news! I have been watching the activities of the HYDRO team for a long time and I can say with confidence that this is one of the most active and honest projects. I wish them great success in promotion and new cool partners.

EXPERIMENT - Tracking Top 10 Cryptocurrencies of 2019 - Month Three - UP 16.6%

4 Apr 2019 starthere

08 April 2019
Interesting experiment. I'll try to do something like that, too. Thanks.

QuarkChain bounty program - FREE crypto

8 Apr 2019 shadowofsatoshi

08 April 2019
I am actively involved in QuarkChain bounty. I like the way this platform is organized. I advise you all to join us, soon the bounty will end. Hurry up with registration in QuarkChain bounty

1367% Up in 1 YEAR ($HYDRO)

7 Apr 2019 JamesMorillo

08 April 2019
Hydro is a very promising project with far-reaching goals and plans. I have no doubt about the competence of the developers of this platform. I wish them successful promotion in the market and success in the future. - A Closer Look

2 Apr 2019 JamesMorillo

08 April 2019
The need of modern society to use blockchain technologies is constantly growing. This article proves that blockchain technologies will soon be used everywhere.

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