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Safepal hardware wallet review

25 Jun 2020 1 minute read 1 comment lillominato89

Hello guys, I was looking for an Hardware Wallet and i found this small and smart device. It immediately cauch my attention. The wallet is called “SafePal” and it is supported by Binance Labs...


Banana rich in Potassium - The Periodic Elements NFT (GIVEAWAY)

20 Nov 2020 Robertoit

20 November 2020
px2aw.wam banano the best coin ever

Official BananoJob #6: BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x users (200k BAN)!

11 Jul 2020 banano

30 July 2020
ban_1braku1x89mwq8dawjcuyyiyiwkfc6a86iutmofdhb66xb684qw3wxupdw8k banano to the moon 🚀🚀

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21 Feb 2020 banano

21 February 2020
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BANANO Wins 'Best Community' Award at Blockchain Awards 2020

8 Jun 2020 2 minute read comments banano

BANANO meanwhile has quite a track record with community votings. The BANANO Community is highly welcoming, active, dedicated and just lovely ❤. And, of course, growing crazily all the time! Thus, it’s no big suprise that BANANO now succeeded yet ano...

Bitcoin halving also halves the price of Ledger Nano S

11 May 2020 1 minute read comments MarioV

A few hours ago the third halving in bitcoin history occurred. At block 630,000 the Bitcoin code was programmed to halve the rewards of miners from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC. There has been someone else who in the crypto world has emulated its behavior: Ledge...

The first bank that offers bitcoin is Italian

6 May 2020 1 minute read comments MarioV

HYPE is a digital branch controlled by Banca Sella and has started to activate bitcoin wallets on its online platform.These are real bitcoins and not simple bits on the corporate information systems of this bank: because a 12-word SEED is created in...

PRESEARCH: decentralized Search-Engine and its PRE tokens

3 May 2020 1 minute read comments MarioV

What is Presearch Presearch is a new decentralized Search-Engine that rewards people with PRE tokens for using it in everyday Internet searches. I've always tried to avoid Google for my searches because I don't want to be profiled or tracked. For thi...

From Steemit to Publish0x the step is short

21 Apr 2020 2 minute read comments MarioV

Past tests In the past I had tried to use Steemit but the interaction with that tool had not impressed me at all: the operation of the related tokens was not immediately understandable, the editor for writing articles was crude and used the tags as...

BANANO Highlights: Celebrating 2 Years of Uniquely Free & Fair Crypto Distribution

31 Mar 2020 8 minute read comments banano

BANANO! 2 Years already! It’s crazy times not only in the crypto world — here’s what this is about: The BANANO main-net was launched almost 2 years ago, on April 1st, 2018. It’s incredible how much bantastic stuff has happened since then, and how wel...

Brave Goes to War Against Google [EXPLAINED]

21 Feb 2020 4 minute read comments Brawnd0

Recently, I wrote about the Brave team’s report on the data collecting and bidding practises in government-associated websites in the United Kingdom. The conclusions in that report were shocking, as it was found that many of the nation’s council webs...