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I love money and cryptocurrencies. HODL some of its. Staking some of its.

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Dogecoin: Fun on the Outside, Serious on the Inside

4 Aug 2019 Cryptofivers

05 August 2019
I could not agree more. DOGE really awesome. Got profit more than xxK last year alone from DOGE. Really good crypto. DOGE to the moon!

MakerDAO 2019 - Stablecoins Dai - Multi Collateral Assets - CDP loans with Mariano Conti

29 Jul 2019 Cryptokoala

02 August 2019
Clueless. I don't see much info in your article. Just a simple brief on what topic you talk with Mariano Conti. You should elaborate more on the topic that you discuss with him.

Coinbits - Pro's and Con's of the new "Spare change to Bitcoin" platform

17 Jun 2019 connecteconomy

21 June 2019
This kind of idea mayb not new to us. But it worth it. Since cryptocurrencies is just an infant in this world. Not so many use case. So, any idea to make it usable in our daily life is welcome. But i agree on what you said in this article "...this app does not serve the crypto spirit at all and basically functions like a bank. At least in this current first version. If that changes in future releases, and users actually get to withdraw their Bitcoin and take ownership of it, then this app could make a real difference..." This is the scenario that we need to have constantly. More source of usage more merrier and more relevant.

Top four reasons why Africans don’t use Blockchain in their Businesses?

21 Jun 2019 Ayodele

21 June 2019
But not all country in Africa has the same mindset. Electroneum (ETN) with their study case in South Africa has proven (with luck) that if we educate people the correct way, people will eventually listen and supporting the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

12 Tips to start and win Cryptocurrency for free

14 Jun 2019 Chriss Airdrop

17 June 2019
Your link to FreeBitcoin is wrong. Should check it back.

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