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Niklas Spille-Scheich

Mined some Bitcoin for fun in 2011 and hit format c: before giving that laptop away. Got triple copies of my seed words placed all over the world. Unite 3 of my closest friends to recover access to my crypto assets.

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Niklas Spille-Scheich

Willkommen zu Publish0x

28 Dec 2018 2 minute read comments Niklas Spille-Scheich

Herzlich wilkommen zu Publish0x!, einer krypto-betriebenen Bloggingplattform. Nicht die erste, noch nicht die größte (warum wir das werden kommt gleich), und wir sind einzigartig. Aber die drängendste Antwort zuerst: Publish0x wird mit stillem 0x ges...

Covering your back in Cryptoland

24 Dec 2018 5 minute read comments Niklas Spille-Scheich

The Blockchain may not care about you. That's alright, it is not supposed to. What we get is a system that stores data, maybe even financial stuff, as trustless as can be; it maybe even sees old-school Sci-Fi credit sticks come to life. It may, howev...

Bringing Cryptocurrencies to Life: Choice of Names (and ways around)

19 Dec 2018 3 minute read comments Niklas Spille-Scheich

"U know, I bloody would adopt that technology, BUT the name.... I'm having doubts over the name to be honest... no non-adult business is going to accept it :/ - it's one thing to make an adult product... but name it like that and you can't expect any...

Study shows: 100% renewable energy in Europe is an attractive goal

14 Dec 2018 2 minute read comments Niklas Spille-Scheich

In the wake of COP24, an annual climate conference, Hans-Josef Fell presented the results of four-and-a-half years work in economical analysis of renewable energy, a first-of-its-kind study modelling a total conversion of energy sources in electricit...

Bringing Cryptocurrencies to Life: Golem Network Token

5 Dec 2018 4 minute read comments Niklas Spille-Scheich

Excess computing power. Most people have it, be it that spare laptop that's sitting around somewhere, be it some meters of pre-filled server racks because first thing the project planner knew was that he'd need massive CPU power, RAM and disk space f...

Bringing Cryptocurrencies to Life: Practical Applications

2 Dec 2018 2 minute read comments Niklas Spille-Scheich

It's the end of the year, time for school fairs to give every class an opportunity to raise funds for whatever projects or activities they want to do next year. Renting the building is free as the entire school spends all weekend decorating,  having...

Back To The Roots

27 Nov 2018 9 minute read comments Niklas Spille-Scheich

"Do you have self-repairing serverless realtime microservices?" - "I don't know, that stuff is handled by AI on our Big Data." Blog posts are binary: Category 1: What you'd like to hear about Category 2: What you should know about This is Category 2...

Bringing Cryptocurrencies to Life: SpankChain

23 Nov 2018 7 minute read comments Niklas Spille-Scheich

A Revolution, nothing less, was promised with the advent of Bitcoin to the masses; minor newspapers did two-page-specials in late 2017 and got many things about it right. Thinking this way, Bitcoin and the blockchain-technology underneath made the st...

Is Ethereum going to grow up?

17 Nov 2018 2 minute read comments Niklas Spille-Scheich

This is an english translation of my original post Wann wird Ethereum erwachsen? After years of development, the Ethereum ecosystem is moving towards a scalable future; though most users don't expect things to happen soon. "Are we there yet?" we hear...

Wann wird Ethereum erwachsen?

17 Nov 2018 2 minute read comments Niklas Spille-Scheich

Nach Jahren der Entwicklung bewegt sich das Ethereum-Ökosystem in Richtung einer skalierenden Zukunft, aber die meisten Anwender glauben das es nicht so schnell geschehen wird. "Sind wir schon da?" kann man die Ethereum-Nutzer fragen hören, immer und...