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Hi, My name is Atif Akbar and I share my charts about different assets as username moon333, you can find me most of the times among top authors on tradingview

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Bitcoin (BTC) Next Destination $11K

3 days ago 4 minute read moon333

In my previous article we have seen that the Bitcoin is moving up like we move upstairs using steps. 1st we lift our foot more than the level of next step then we place our foot on the next step and use it as a support to reach the next step and repe...

Decred (DCR) Has Completed Bullish Setup For Up to 359% Profit

5 days ago 1 minute read moon333

Decred (DCR) is an open source Bitcoin fork and placed at 38th rank out of more than 2300 cryptocurrencies as per coinmarketcap data. This is also one of the most undervalued coin and it has potential to produce very massive profit move in the year o...

Kyber Network And Ark Are Among The Most Undervalued Cryptos They Can Make You Really Rich In 2020-2021 | KNC Up to 5400% And Ark Up to 1144%

5 days ago 1 minute read moon333

I would like to bring these two cryptos in lime light they are really very undervalued and going to take massive bullish move in future. Kyber Network (KNC) ARK   In this article I am going to do pure technical analysis of both assets it will be sh...

Cardano (ADA) A Price Correction Rally Started After One And A Half Month | A Similar Move Is Expected

5 days ago 2 minute read moon333

A Recap: In Aug 2019 I posted an article where I revealed that the priceline of Cardano was forming a shark pattern.RSI had still some cushion to move in oversold zone and moving average convergence divergence (MACD) was still strong bearish, therefo...

Ripple (XRP) Has Formed Bullish Patterns To Breakout Key Level Resistance $0.31 | Bullish Alligators Mouth And Bullish Shark

6 days ago 2 minute read moon333

Taking Bounce From The Support Of Wedge: As we have seen earlier in previous post that on week chart the Ripple is moving in a falling wedge. The formation of this chart pattern was started in Aug 2018 and now after Aug 2018 the price action has hit...

Moeda Loyalty Points MDA Has Entered In Buying Zone And Ready For Upto 63% Bullish Move

1 week ago 1 minute read moon333

Moeda Loyalty Points ( MDA ) with Bitcoin pair has formed bullish BAT pattern and entered in potential reversal zone. Lets have a look on the move of price action to see how perfect this pattern is driven: After initial leg (X to A) the A to B leg i...

Its Not Too Late To Catch Zcash | A Complete Price Analysis Of ZEC Coin 2020

1 week ago 3 minute read moon333

In Oct 2019 I posted an article where I revealed that the price action of Zcash has formed a bullish Crab pattern. The volume profile of the complete pattern was showing that the traders interest is very low in potential reversal zone and moving aver...

This Bullish Pattern Can Lead The Bitcoin To Next Resistance Level at $10940 After Hitting The Support Of Up Channel

1 week ago 3 minute read moon333

The Sell Oscillation Is Decreased Today: The leading cryptocurrency is struggling to safe the support at $9819.92. Sofar we have seen that after breaking out every resistance the Bitcoin is retesting the previous resistance as support and after succe...

Basic Attention Token Long Term Analysis | BAT May Breakdown Support To Form Next Bullish Harmonic Pattern

1 week ago 3 minute read moon333

A Recap: In my previous post we have see that the Basic Attention Token had found the resistance at: $0.1959 and support at : $0.1487 and this support was not broken since 29 Aug 2019 when the price action took drop more than 29% upto $0.1326 but fai...

While Walking On Steps Bitcoin Is Making Higher Supports And Gave 2 More Bullish Continuation Signals

1 week ago 2 minute read moon333

Walking On Steps: After hitting the recent high at $10500 The leading cryptocurrency dropped upto $9739 that was 7.24 percent loss and sudden on very next candle on 4 hour chart the price action moved up to $10154 and recovered 3.29% from the most re...