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i like to read about about anything interesting and new, i love knowledge, and am avid reader, retired form the computer industry, my hobby is crypto collecting, i do write, may submit some of my trials, good and bad from 10yrs of investing and collecting

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How do you store your crypto?

29 Oct 2020 acornsportfolio

29 October 2020
i say desktop wallet is the way to go, if you know how to keep your pc secure and keep your wallet encrypted, and have a lot of hard drive space, its the best way to go, especially if you plan on having a lot of crypto, that way you have the crypto keys to your wallet and you alone, and you always have access to them on the spot. if you dont know much about securing your wallet, then go with a hard wallet, its basically a usb flash drive wallet, again, you alone have the keys, but there might be some limitations to them, im not sure i never use them, and again each one has its drawbacks, desktop wallet, for btc core wallet is over 300+GB blockchain and you have to download that,and it gets bigger everyday, once you sync your wallet, a few days process depending on your internet speed, then each time you load your wallet it will only take a minute or two, to catch up again, depending on how many days you dont use it, and it can be a few GB to 100Gb or more for each desktop wallet for each coin, the longer its been out, the bigger the blockchain, like i said each has drawbacks, now they have one called atom wallet, it holds several coins at once with no download, im not sure how that one works, or how secure it is, but i sometimes use it for ETH and different type tokens they dont have wallet for, and then the online sites can be pretty safe, but ive also seen exchanges as big targets and get wiped out by hackers and not be able to replace every ones coins, then ive seen site go rouge and see ya, with all your coins, so i like to keep mine close, with the keys written in my notebook, never on my pc, so they are secure as can be. do some more research and youll see some other benefits and downfalls for each one, like when a coin hardforks, if you have it in your private wallet, you will usually get some new coins for free, and get to keep the old ones, but not all site and exchanges will offer that, some do, thats about all the limited advice i can throw at ya form what ive learned in the 5 years ive been into crytpo, hope it was clear enough for ya to clear up some of your question, have a good one and good luck.


28 Oct 2020 mvictori4

28 October 2020
im going to check out HiveWork, if there is any kind of referral system? if there is post your link or ref number so we can sign up under you for the information.

Jesus Get's It

22 Oct 2020 Buzzbeeg

22 October 2020
religion sounds made up, jesus died on the cross for my sins, but yet im born a sinner and am condemned to hell unless i ask for forgiveness, sounds made up to me, you know, like the greatest story ever told. l ron hubbard figured it all out, if you want to become rich and powerfull and have everyone do as you say, then start a religion. the story about god, ive read it, and, that alone has managed to make me hate that god, i couldnt and wouldnt follow a god that allows the innocent to suffer, the evil to be rewarded, and a god that especially created evil, if he was so omnipotent he coulda left that one out, but he didnt, with a personality like that, it seems like he enjoys punishing. i do find it amazing how some people can have so much blind faith, on absolutely nothing but pain and suffering and the occasional random positive experience. so i suggest people just invest in being a good person, and live your lives to the best you can, and if people want to keep pretending god is here, more power to you, but i would suggest keeping religion in church, where people want to hear that stuff, some people get so easily offended, and may not be nice, but you have a good day


20 Oct 2020 Wolf2015

20 October 2020
wow, go get em lol, we definetely got to take care of each other now days, our government has gone rouge a long time ago, and does enough just to keep us existing, so we can dump more sweat and tears into their money making system ,i always agreed with senator ron paul, 75% of the government needs to go, way to big, and corrupt as they come, rep and dem, alike, and every political party answers to the few rich elites, they put on their show for us, act like they hate each other, and behind closed doors they laugh at us. I have a question for you, have you ever looked into the rich elite whistleblower who claims the world is run by 150 rich elite families, i would like to here some proof, i mean rothchild family supposedly has over half of the wealth in the world, then there the ole queen of england who is the largest land owner in the world, so it wouldnt surprise me if was true, at all, have you come across anything on the subject?>

Letters to the Son - A Memoir - 0xPress Release

20 Oct 2020 Nathaniel Hammel

20 October 2020
Sad stories are always the toughest, good luck to a man.

Starter Deck for the Dragon Splinter || Ep. #32 || Splinterlands

19 Oct 2020 mercurial9

19 October 2020
the game sounds cool, can and do you actually make a profit

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