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13 Feb 2019 Indus Rush

18 February 2019
Nice story. French girls are bitches.

(IJCH) Rediscovering Greek Mythology (or How You Got'ta Love Zeus and his Godlike Libido!)

15 Feb 2019 JaiChai

15 February 2019
Thanks Jai Chai, im enjoying your articles

Learning to walk

31 Jan 2019 Jawbone

31 January 2019
Nice story. Good luck.

Starting again; depression, single parenthood and keeping fit.

29 Jan 2019 Jawbone

29 January 2019
What a story... Keep it hard dude ! Do you know about the MGTOW movement ? It may help you. Good luck mate.

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pour partager mes loisirs, passions, bons plans, etc...


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