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Staked Wallet

1 May 2020 Raffanadal

03 May 2020
hanno chiuso tutto sono spariti....

Why you should change your btc, ltc, doge, eth adderess right now

25 Apr 2020 Tash356

25 April 2020
it seems right to report my experience

Why you should change your btc, ltc, doge, eth adderess right now

25 Apr 2020 Tash356

25 April 2020
I don't want to defend anyone because easy earnings always hide a dark side, I exposed myself in first person by binding my btc on stakedwallet for 1 month, and I have to say that the profits arrive on time every day at the end of 24 hours, every day I take out the profit by putting it on my personal wallet, I must say that seeing the application and the website offline I feared the worst, I managed to contact the customer service where they explained to me that they were having technical problems on the server and some countries were unable to connect, having learned this news I connected with the tor network and I managed to enter and withdraw my profit, I must say that this story has made me have more confidence towards this platform, always remaining very cautious. stakedwallet has a new address to compensate for the problems they have had.

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