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Japan can now use PayPal as wallet for BAT!

18 Jan 2020 circuitops

18 January 2020
good, only i hope this featured come soon to america.

Brave v1.2.43 is now Release

18 Jan 2020 circuitops

18 January 2020
20 ads per Hour? it is very much. i like your news.

GUESS WHAT WIN 3 BAT #2 (and edition #1 winners)

17 Jan 2020 Otek

17 January 2020
My guess : 8913$ good lucky

Something Wierd is Happening With Bitcoin

14 Jan 2020 AnonymousPress

14 January 2020
jajajaja, it is the moment to buy Bitcoin cash, some day this BTCH will be like BTC.

Something Wierd is Happening With Bitcoin

14 Jan 2020 AnonymousPress

14 January 2020
yes, i scare jajajaja

Top 3 Methods Earn BAT Tokens for FREE

14 Jan 2020 leonya9

14 January 2020
thanks for the info....

Brave ads Fluctuation

12 Jan 2020 circuitops

12 January 2020
espero vuelvan los ad como antes... es necesario... quiero ganar BAT i hope the Ads will come back soon, it´s necessary. i need earn BAT

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MinerMovements #5

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This MinerMovements release was originally sent to subscribers of the MinerUpdate newsletter. You can subscribe here. Coronavirus Catalyzes Global Turmoil We faced some issues with our website last week which resulted in our content being inaccessibl... CEO Updates Views on Controversial Bitcoin Cash Proposal

7 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments MinerUpdate

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So you want to mine?

3 Feb 2020 10 minute read comments mduchow

 2019 and now the beginning of 2020 has been an exciting time for Cryptocurrency. This past year has reminded me so much of the gold rush experience that was 2017 and with it starts a new renaissance with onboarding investors entering the space. Undo...

Brave Browser is an awesome privacy tool: no more annoying adds!..

30 Jan 2020 1 minute read comments alberdioni8406

As a content creator, always liked browsers with clean environment far from the regular tools that are bombing us with annoying ads, tracking our story and selling our privacy to third parties. Who here didn't get or clicked an add that wasn't suppos...