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Brazilian University Unochapecó: Pioneer in the use of blockchain to protect academic records in Brazil and possibly the world

19 Apr 2019 Mamaecrypto $0.09 (16.8992 BNTY)

Unochapecó University is pioneering the use of blockchain to protect academic records. A simple project developed in 90 days running on 3 nodes that creates many solutions. About Unochapecó Unochapecó is a Community University, located in the Region...

LITECOIN: Donate for a chance to win a Brazilian shirt autographed by Charlie Lee & John Kim

18 Apr 2019 Mamaecrypto $0.36 (66.7154 BNTY)

Hello Crypto Enthusiasts! Make a donation to the Litecoin (LTC) mass adoption campaign and participate in an exclusive drawing by the MamãeCrypto channel. Compete for 1 Brazilian National Soccer Team shirt signed by two international celebrities from...

About JSEcoin and JSEPlatform - Mining crypto with a basic computer

18 Apr 2019 Mamaecrypto $0.14 (26.0329 BNTY)

Many Bitcoin maximalists beleive there is no need for another Decentralized Virtual global currency since Bitcoin is just perfect, immaculate, a gift from the Crypto Gods... or better the legend of Satoshi. Does he exist? Who is he? What matters is t...