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10 Crypto Investment Tips For Beginners - Don`t Pay Other People To Lose Your Money!

29 Oct 2020 6 minute read comments Cryptonator`s

The cryptocurrency market has made millionaires and you can become one of them. Just master your mind and have some discipline when you invest in crypto. Here are ten basic tips that you need to know if you want to become a successful cryptocurrency...

Bull Market Reflections - The Winter and Spring of My Crypto Experience

29 Oct 2020 3 minute read comments acesontop

Stepping gradually into the next big bull market for Bitcoin I've been having lately all sort of flashbacks from my last three years spent in crypto, talking with friends that are as well into crypto about how dumb we were for not making money in 201...

Grayscale Report Show That Over Half of US Investors Are Interested in Bitcoin

29 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments Abhimanyu Krishnan

Digital asset management firm Grayscale Investments released its latest report on October 27, covering investor behaviour related to Bitcoin (BTC) investments.  Titled ‘Bitcoin Investor Study’, the report analyzed the degree of mainstream adoption t...

SnowSwap evolution will create Crypto Winter Wonderland

29 Oct 2020 6 minute read comments PVMihalache

Brace yourself! SnowSwap is coming! If you don't want to miss this train (or sleigh) make sure you follow the newest updates on the SnowSwap website, SnowSwap Medium, Telegram, Twitter or Publish0x SnowSwap SnowSwap, the newest winter iconic image is...

XTZ Targets Closest Support After Triangle Breakdown (TA - 28th of October)

28 Oct 2020 2 minute read comments pheonixdown-dee

The Tezos (XTZ) price has been falling rapidly since the beginning of August and has just broken down from a neutral pattern. The price should decline until it reaches the support levels outlined below.   Descent to Support The XTZ price has been...

Why Bancor v2.1 is Such a Big Deal?

28 Oct 2020 4 minute read comments DrBreakThru

On October 12, 2020, Bancor – the popular on-chain liquidity protocol for the automated decentralized exchange of digital assets – proposed an improved version of itself called Bancor v2.1.  Bancor v2.1 is a major improvement proposal that introduces...

How Not To Fall Off The Bull

28 Oct 2020 7 minute read comments acesontop

About three years ago I bought my first ten LTCs and although I had basically no strategy on what to do with them and how to profit out of this crypto market, I am still here alive and well. I learned everything I know about this space/movement on my...

Jupiler League Week 10 Sunday Betting Previews

25 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments costanza

These are previews from matches involving Belgian Teams with all the latest on team news, player form, injuries along with my personal betting angles, ...   Club Brugge actually played a good match yesterday despite losing 2-1 to OHL at the end and...

Weekly Crypto News Roundup - 14 Stories You Should Know About (18th of October - 25th of October)

25 Oct 2020 6 minute read comments pheonixdown-dee

Every week, I will be collecting some news stories / opinion pieces that I have found to be interesting in the crypto world and condensing them down into one easily digestible article. All the article and images are taken from a news source that I li...

TOP 5 Ways To Earn Passive Income On Your Crypto 💰

24 Oct 2020 4 minute read comments Cryptonator`s

Yes, you can start to earn passive income on your crypto savings every single day. It`s easy, it`s lucrative, and there are many different ways to do so. So here they are, in no particular order, the TOP 5 ways to earn passive income on your crypto...