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CO2 Game - EARN CRYPTO by Gaming

14 Apr 2020 LorenzoT

14 April 2020
Sfortunatamente per il momento è solo per Android :(

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BAT keep running on a solid uptrend

27 May 2020 2 minute read comments Cryptonite

  Basic Attention Token is one of the most interesting token of the recent phase, the engagement of them users is so good that they managed to reach over 12 million monthly users and more than 4 millions daily users in a short time, the secret is giv...

Bitcoin could reach $11,000 before halving... and fall after it

7 May 2020 3 minute read comments zulonga

This study aims to make an analysis of the bitcoin price variation in the short and medium term, taking into account the graphic analysis and the logic behind the bitcoin mining after halving and the fall in inflation. Why will bitcoin fall after hal...

PHOTOGRAPHS OF NAMIBIA -very best only five photos

5 May 2020 1 minute read comments Cardo

1.Ethosha the biggest                                                                                                                    2. the King, just the King...                                                                                  ...

4 Crypto Projects Vitalik Buterin Keeps Talking About

4 May 2020 7 minute read comments kevW!ls0n

MakerDAO Maker is the largest DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platform in the cryptocurrency industry, holding a total of $447 million locked within its smart contracts at the moment of writing: source: https://defipulse.com/maker It is a platform tha...

START TODAY! Binance Community Coin Vote! Chromia VS Swiftcoin!

28 Apr 2020 2 minute read comments Lis_23

Hello publishers!! Are you ready for the eighth round of the Binance's Community Coin Vote? For this round, the giant exchange have selected SwftCoin (SWFTC) and Chromia (CHR) as the two candidates for the vote.  The number of votes each user receive...

Revolutionizing the Social Media Era: Steemit

21 Apr 2020 15 minute read comments Cryptodeepdive

The research done for writing this article, and the writing of the article itself was during the acquisition of Steemit by Tron. Although it does make the future less secure, meaning that Steemit can both enjoy accelerated growth due to extra funds m...


21 Apr 2020 1 minute read comments LorenzoT

BRAVE is a nice project and well done just try it for a few months and you will see In the Brave world there are many things to discover and thanks to which you can increase your earnings. How? With BRAVE CREATOR A feature that I discovered thanks to...

6 Dumb Ways to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

20 Apr 2020 7 minute read comments CryptoSorted

Many people invest in cryptocurrency for either the wrong reasons or practically the wrong way or even both; and when they lose money due to their bad decisions, they claim bitcoin or even cryptocurrency generally is a scam. This post is intended to...

6 Explosive Altcoins to Watch in the Next Months

18 Apr 2020 4 minute read comments Crypto Adventure

The Bitcoin halving is just around the corner, and the cryptocurrency market seems to emerge scarred, but undefeated from the COVID-19 crisis. Other financial markets cannot claim a sweeter victory. If there was a good year for investing in cryptos,...

Binance launch "Cartesi Token"(CTSI) Sale! Starts Today, 1 week to go!

14 Apr 2020 2 minute read comments Lis_23

Binance has announced support for its second project of 2020, Cartesi––A Layer 2 Linux infrastructure for the development and deployment of decentralized applications (DApps).   The Cartesi (CTSI) token sale on Binance Launchpad will begin on April 2...